Will we really have a Flying Car in our garages soon?

Wouldn’t it  be cool, if we can have a Car that can fly from the back of our house and take us anywhere we want, without the traffic and in much lesser time ?

I know it sounds like science fiction, but according to an article on BBC,  an ambitious firm has revealed their plans for a new type of personal air transport vehicle that takes off and lands like a helicopter. 

Earlier this month, US aerospace start-up Terrafugia unveiled the TF-X, a concept design for a radical new type of personal air transport vehicle.


According to them the car would be able to take off and land vertically like a helicopter. 
In car mode, the plug-in hybrid can rely on its electric motors and battery packs. 

#  For lift-off it needs extra power from its hydrocarbon combustion engine. 

Folded winglets are extended.

#  Two huge motor pods on either side of the vehicle are pointed vertically up, and the propellers provide lift.

 # Each pod has 16 independent electric motors, with its own controller and battery pack, meaning a failure is not catastrophic.

When it attains the required altitude the pods start to point forward. A ducted fan at the rear provides thrust and the wings start to operate as a conventional aerodynamic surface to provide lift as it accelerates.

# Maximum Speed = 200 miles per hour.

# It has a a proposed range of 500 miles.

When Can We Buy this? 

Terrafugia originally hoped to be shipping its less radical Transition in 2009, but now says the first customers will take delivery sometime in 2015 or 2016. However I assume the TF-X design would not be available  in the market before the next 8-10 years. 

Cost ?

Reservations are being taken for the TF-X, although its price tag has not yet been revealed. They have  quoted it at  $279,000, but the chances are it would cost more.

The Idea behind this car is undoubtedly fabulous and if not for the cost, I would have been the first to book this amazing  Flying Car. 

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