Do Aliens Really Exist?

When someone asked this question from Stephen Hawkins “the world-known scientist” he said that it is certain that Aliens exists but they might be dangerous.

You would see thousands and thousands of websites on the same topic. Some make sense
while some are total work of fiction. There are different views from different people on their agenda and description. And since it is a vast topic, this post would be a introduction only.

They are sometimes portrayed as evil predators(like the movie) trying to control the earth, and sometimes as friendly little Gray people helping humanity. People have even accused aliens of kidnapping and probing. There have been hundreds of UFO sightings, unexplained Crop Circles and many othe and theories which have raised the question, “Do Aliens  Really Exist?”

  • The Roswell Incident:                                                                                    

This incident took place in July 7, 1947, when an Unidentified Flying Object crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. The local Roswell Army Air Field took care of the investigation and the remains of the object. 

 Later the US Army declared  that the object was debris from a high-altitude helium weather and surveillance balloon belonging to a classified experimental program named Mogul. Since then many people supporting the UFO theory in this case  maintain that an Alien Spaceship was found and its passengers were captured. According to them the military is just covering up to avoid chaos.                                                                     

It is also said that an Alien autopsy was also done. 

  • 2011 Siberian Alien Footage:                                                                                        

A Video claiming an Alien corpse buried in Siberia became a sensation all over the internet. This video had a million views on YouTube within  a week. It showed a big-eyed skeletal head, the humanoid body was thin and was less than a meter high with a missing leg.                                                                                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                          The location where it was filmed is near the village of Kamensk in the Russian republic Buryatia, just north of Lake Baikal according to the description in the video. The video on uploaded on april 14.  Local media had been posting Alien sightings in the area in march.                                            

    However later it was also claimed to be a fake video with  an Alien made up of Chicken skin filled with bread.  I doubt if making  such a recipe is even possible.

    • UFO in Nayagrah District(Orissa, India:                                         

    This is a case which is not as popular as the above incidents however I found it interesting as this sighting took place on May, 31, 1947 which is about a month before the Roswell incident. 

              Award-winning ‘pattachitra’ artist Pachanana Moharana, who runs a workshop in Puri,      had made sketches of the alien visitors and their spacecraft. And “NO” it was not Moharana who saw it himself.

      According to the story, two months before India’s independence, an UFO was sighted in the area. Two youths were also successful in getting access inside the spacecraft. And after the departure of the spacecraft, these youth sat with a well known “Tala- Pattachitra” ( palm leaf engraver) artist giving description of the alien beings they had met – a variety of anthropomorphic robots, or perhaps creatures in metal suits.  They have been called as “yantra-purusha” which means a machine man, sounds like someone wearing a spacesuit.
      India was going through a struggle for independence  at that time so this news was long forgotten.

      There are many other interesting Alien news and lore  so I will have to come up with a part 2( maybe part 3,4… ).  Meanwhile bookmark us and stay tuned 🙂
      Hope you enjoyed reading! 

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