Do Aliens really Exist?(Part 2; Abductions)

In the part one of this topic, I wrote about three famous UFO incidents, in Roswell(New Mexico), Siberia and India. Two of them seemed interrelated too,  however all of these were either forgotten or claimed to be fake and not related to aliens by the authorities. But what about the people who claim to see the Aliens?

There are thousands of people who claim being abducted by Alien beings. Are they telling the truth or just out of their minds? Most people don’t believe such claims. However there are numerous “Support Groups” who genuinely believe in these stories and help people involved in the abductions.

What could be a logical explanation for these stories and thousands of people believing in them?

  • They could be hallucinating. However it is very difficult and illogical to believe that all of them are hallucinating about the same thing as they all are from different backgrounds and different medical conditions.
  • Maybe they are lying! But why would anyone lie about this? Maybe for fame, but most of the reactions they get are people looking at them like they are crazy. Yes some people do lie about  this but personally, I don’t think all of them do.
  • Maybe they are telling the truth! 

So the question arises, Why would Aliens abduct Humans?

The most reasonable explanation  for this would be that the Aliens or Extraterrestrial beings are researching or maybe experimenting on humans. According to “Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline”(AMMACH) around 1500 people are abducted by Aliens each year!! If they are right on this one, you better stay away from shining lights in the night 😉

According to the most popular theory, they are performing Human-Alien reproduction experiments. This theory came up as most of the abductees say that their bodies were examined, and sometimes sperm was taken.  Some abductees report having seen unusual looking babies, which looks somewhat like Alien-Human crossbreeds. 

A woman named Stephany Cohen even claims that her “Alien Spirit Guide” not only offers her guidance but it also gives her mind-blowing orgasms when they sneak into her mind. She says her Alien Spirit boyfriend is from the Octopus race. However she was not abducted instead she says the Alien Spirits visit her at night.  Skeptics have a view that it has nothing to do with Aliens, instead this all is happening in her own mind..

There are many many stories with people claiming of abduction by Aliens. People have also described about different species of Aliens, there agendas etc. We will try to cover it in the next part  if possible..

Enjoy reading 🙂 Cheers!

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