How to make a Remote Desktop Connection?

A Little Intro of the Concept.

Remote Desktop Connection basically is a means of taking the desktop of a computer on another one. You can access all the files on that PC and all the devices connected. 

Why is it useful? 

If you have more than 1 computers, you might have felt the need to work on both of them at the same time. Of-course you can work  on them individually by moving from one PC to another or you can do things smartly.
You can also copy and paste stuff from one PC to another with this connection.
If you connect them through a remote desktop connection, you would see both the desktops on a single screen as below.
You can toggle between both the screens as simply as you maximize and minimize any other folder

Now the “How to do it part?”

Step 1: Make sure both PCs  are connected. You can connect them by an Ethernet cable or a wireless router or simple WiFi.  

Step 2: The IP Addresses of both the Computers should be of the same class. You can simply use the following configuration. PC 1= and PC2 = If you have a router then you do not need to change the IP Addresses as it would automatically give them both the same class IPs. In that case you just need to know the IP Address of both of them by using the ” IPCONFIG” command.

Step 3:Now that we know the ip Addresses of both the PCs, go to START on any one of them and search for ” Remote Desktop Connection”.

Step 4:Enter the IP Address of the other PC and press ENTER.

Step 5: Now if you get an error message then you need to Turn Off Windows Firewall or add this network as an exception and try again.
Step 6: You will now see the option to enter the username and password for the other PC.(Please note that the PC you are trying to take the remote of should have a password in the account you are using or it would not work.)

Step 7: Tadaaa you’re in! If you have successfully performed the above steps then you should now be able to work on both computers without moving an inch from you seat.

If you have any questions about the above steps, please feel free to post a comment and I will try my best to help 🙂

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