Scientists working on a Glue to repair broken bones!!

Yes, you heard it right! Very soon, joining broken bones would be possible with the help of a “Super
Glue”. Currently the only remedies in case of a broken bone are mechanical fixes, such as screws, pins, and plates, which can be an inefficient method for repairing highly fractured bones.

Bio-Engineers from University of Utah have been researching on the “Sandcastle worms” that build their homes with the help of this natural glue under the water. These worms live in  inter-tidal surf and  build tube-shaped homes by gluing together bits of sand and shell. The worm glue contains proteins and a substance named dopa which is said to be the most important ingredient of this glue.

This glue is also known as “Loctite 401 superglue”. The researchers have not yet tested the compound on live animals. It has been tested on cow bones from the grocery and the results have been good so far. Synthetic polymer is used in the glue being created by the scientists. However still they are facing some challenges which they need to overcome before beginning the testing on live Animals( and then humans of course).

If it works then it would definitely be one of the greatest discoveries in the medical history!!

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