Ever heard of a Dancing Plague?

The Dancing Plague of Strasbourg, France is one of the most bizarre yet authentic events in the history. 
Can you imagine hundreds of people dancing in the streets without any explainable reason, without taking a break(well most of them didn’t took even a single break)? Weird, right? But it happened for real!!

It occurred in 1518, mid July when a woman named Frau Troffea started dancing in the street of Strasbourg. Within a week of her dancing, many people joined her and the number grew up to 400 within a month. 

Many of these people died from heart attacks and strokes. 

As there was no explanation for this act, the authorities unable to provide any cure declared that  the solution to this problem would be more dancing which ultimately led to the death of many due to exhaustion and strokes. 

One of the theories is that the plague was caused by ergot fungus, a very poisonous organic version of LSD.  Another theory is that this was due to the wrath of Saint Vitus.

Historian John Waller has also written books on this extraordinary story, where he seems to have solved the mystery behind it.

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