How to deactivate unwanted “Value Added Services”( On any network)

Sometimes it is frustrating when we are charged for the services we don’t want or use.  Services like, caller tunes, joke subscriptions, hello tunes gets activated either by our mistake or the service provider’s. An ignorant SMS reply or a simple press of a button during one of these “promotional calls” is all that is needed to force you to pay a monthly recurring charge.

Of course you can call the customer service to deactivate these Value Added Services, however most of the times you either end up fighting with the Customer service Executive or in some networks waiting for several minutes before they even pickup the call.

Now, thanks to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) stopping any of the “Value Added Services”  has become as easy as sending a simple SMS.  TRAI has been in discussions will all the Telecom Operators and finally has decided to use DOT prescribed number 155223 for un-subscribing of Voice as well as for SMS based Value Added Services(VAS).

This would be a common Procedure with all Telecom Operators( Airtel, BSNL, Reliance, Vodafone, Idea, Tata Docomo etc). 
You just need to follow the following procedure:
    • Write  STOP in an SMS and send it to 155223. Even if you send a blank SMS to 155223, it is presumed to be a request for de-activation of VAS.                                                                                        
    • On receipt of SMS from the customer, the server will pick up sequence number and name of the VAS available to the customer and send a response asking to press number of the Value Added Services(VAS), which he/ she wants to de-activate. 
    • You may receive a message like:  Type 1 for tunes, 2 for jokes etc.
    • After you reply, that particular service would be deactivated. 
Please comment if you have any questions or any related information. Thanks 🙂

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