How little changes in our Eating Habits can make us healthier!

healthy food, how to eat healthy, eating healthy on a budget, Eating keeps us alive. We consume food, it converts into energy and we keep on doing our work. However our body does not works as simple as that. Excess food can cause obesity, heart problems and many more diseases. On the other hand not consuming enough food causes much more diseases. We need to have a controlled diet and take our eating habits more seriously than we usually do. Here are some simple things that a person can keep in mind to become healthier and be fit for life:

  • Breakfast Timing: Most probably you would have read in a fitness magazine or somewhere else that a healthy breakfast is very important for being fit. But when should we have breakfast; Before exercise or After exercise? People have different views on this topic but to answer this question you would need to ask yourself another one;  “Do I want to loose weight or do I want to gain weight?”                    
Yes, this is the factor based on which you should decide your breakfast time. It is proved that if you have breakfast before exercise it helps you in gaining weight and if you have breakfast after exercise it helps you loose weight.

  • Have Several Meals in a Day: Eating just two or three huge meals a day slows down our metabolism. This gives our body the signal to store that food. As you might have guessed, food is stored as Fat in the body. Now If you eat several small meals during the day the body keeps working  to digest it at a continuous pace.  The important thing to keep in mind is that “the several meals you take during the day should be SMALL not huge.

  • Keep Control on Alcohol : While drinking 1 glass of wine everyday has been proven very good forcalories in drinks health,  having more than that is an invitation for a lot of extra calories(which will convert to fat soon enough). Making it a habit is the first step to destroy your health and fitness.  Take a look at the table for calories in Alcoholic beverages.

       The best thing to do would be to drink occasionally only and that too in control.

  • Increase Proteins in your food : When you eat more proteins your metabolism works at a faster rate. You can burn around 150-200 more calories per day just by increasing proteins in your food instead of carbohydrates.

  • Avoid excessive sugar : It has been proved in research that sugar causes many metabolic problems like insulin spikes. In addition to that it is a very good source of fat. Keeping control on your sugar consumption alone can help you stay away from many diseases.

  • Drink Lots and Lots of Water : Health benefits of water are numerous. Water helps in maintaining the balance of body fluids, helps in controlling calories intake(when used instead of other beverages), make our skin healthier. It has also been proven that enough water intake is very important for proper functioning of muscles and it also cleanses or kidneys.

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