Problems New Bloggers Face While Writing a New Article!

If you are a new blogger then you will most probably be able to connect yourself with this post. Blogging is all about writing great content that appeal to the readers. While some bloggers find it very easy to keep writing fresh content for their blog, majority of new bloggers find writing new content difficult.
Some of the common problems that New Bloggers Face While Writing a New Article are:

  • Deciding the Topic for the New Article or Post.

This might sound funny, but most newbies would agree that deciding the topic for the new post is not as easy as it sounds. It might be easy for the first few times, as when you have freshly created a new blog you always have some topics to write on in the beginning(that’s why you started the blog, right?). However sometimes, it might take days or weeks just thinking of an idea to make an article around.
What is the solution to this problem? Well these daysGoogling is considered the solution to all the problems. Although Googling for ideas may  not be a full proof solution but it is extremely helpful. Another angle of looking at a possible post could be to write a solution to a problem that people are looking the answers for. The most efficient way to find such problems would be Yahoo Answers. My personal favorite is to get somewhere alone and just think…..

  • Sidetracking..
Be truthful to yourself and think for a moment, how many times does it happen to you when you are writing a post while doing 4-8 ( if not tens) other things at the same time. It could be surfing other websites, playing games, finding music or movies to download, paid to click ad surfing ( if you are into it), or even customizing your blog. Doing all this stuff is important, but most of us do it at the same time as writing the post and this does not only leads to delay in completion of the post but also affects the quality of the content.
The best way to avoid sidetracking is to concentrate on the writing only. Make this a rule to do no other work while writing the content for your article or post. If you need to do the other stuff too then complete all that first and then find some quite time to concentrate on your writing.

  • Optimizing the content for the Search Engines.
For most(not all) new bloggers, search engine optimization is the last thing that comes in mind while writing a new post. Some know the importance of SEO but do not have the required knowledge to optimize the post for search engines.
There are a few basic things that you can keep in mind while writing a new post:
  1. Use descriptive image names for e.g t45rgt32gt.jpg does not tell us (or the search engines) anything about the image while flower.jpg would be much descriptive. 
  2. Use Alt tags in images – You can put your keywords in the Alt tag so when people search using those keywords in image search( like there is a good chance you might receive some traffic.
  3. Include links to other related articles from your blog in the post is a very efficient way of increasing the internal links. Internal linking is very important as it does not only help the web crawlers crawl and index the full site but also plays a very vital role in decreasing the bounce rate of the blog.
  4. Make sure all the external links(links to other sites) have a “no follow” attribute. Basically this attribute stops the web crawlers to crawl out of the blog. Additionally you can add “open link in new tab” attribute to the external links while linking, so if a visitor clicks on that link he can see that page without leaving your blog.

  • Finding the Best Keywords.

Keywords are the basis of a successful blog/website. The search engine traffic explicitly relies on the effective keywords.  Most bloggers know about the Google Keyword tool, for finding keywords. Even if you know about this tool the chances are new bloggers don’t know how to get the most out of it.
The most basic strategy for choosing the keywords is to find a long tale keyword (a phrase with 3 or more words) for which more people are searching and the competition is low. Another free tool for keyword research is free keyword tool by Wordstream.
If you want to go professional about it and get a tool with more options then keywrdspy would be the best choice. It’s easy to use and consumes much less time and effort. They also have an Affiliate program if you are interested.

  • How to get people to see your post.

Now that you have completed the post the only work left would be to promote it. Social network sharing is a great way to begin with. If you manage to do the SEO described above properly then you might receive some good search traffic also. I hope this post proves to be beneficial to some bloggers at least. Please comment if you liked this post or have any suggestions.

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  1. Of course I liked reading your post and I agree with you on all

    I am also a new Blogger and I usually get out of ideas.

    and sometimes it feels boring to promote your Article on Social Media

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it 🙂

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