Weird Stuff to do with Google and YouTube

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  • Awesome Harlem Shake Trick for YouTube
  1. Type “ do the Harlem shake” without the quotes in YouTube search, wait for a moment and watch the page do it for you.
  • YouTube Missile Game trick 
  1. Open any video in YouTube.
  2. Pause it.
  3. Type 1980 and see the game loading Smile
  • Change YouTube Comments into Numbers
  1. Open A video in YouTube.
  2. Pause the video and scroll down to see the comments.
  3. Now select any text on the page.
  4. And just type 1337. Do not type it in the comment box, just press the buttons 1337 after selecting the text.
  5. See what happened to the text Winking smile
  • Barrel Roll Trick In Google
  1. Search “Do a barrel roll”.
  2. You will se the page doing exactly as you say.
  • Tilt the Google page a little
  1. Type “tilt” or “Askew” in Google search.
  2. You will notice that the Google search window has tilted a little.

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