Why is Android 4.2 better than Windows 8 for phones?

android windows, android vs windows phone, android vs windows 8 If you are planning to buy a new cell phone this might be the question you are finding the answer for. Which one is better for mobile phones, Windows 8 or Android 4.2 ? Well Windows 8 phones are great, simple design and the tiled interface is nice, but personally I believe Android phones have more features and customization.
For the sake of better understanding, I have tried to write some points on Windows 8 vs. Android 4.2 Jelly bean :

  • Personalizing Sounds:   Android phones provide options to set different sounds for each app. This is very useful when you have notifications enabled for social networking apps like Facebook and Twitter. It becomes very easy to differentiate from which app the notification is just by hearing the sound. However in “Windows 8 phones”, there is no such option.  Moreover you cannot set the level of sound differently for Music and the ringtone in Windows 8.  So basically if you lower the volume while playing the music it will also lower the sound of the ringtone.
  • More Apps to download:  The Google Market without any doubt has more apps available than the Windows 8 marketplace. This is one of the reasons the whole Android phenomenon has become so attractive. Moreover it takes months for a new app to reach the Windows 8 platform whereas it is available in Android almost from the beginning. An example of this would be the popular game “Temple Run” that became available in Windows 8 2 years after Android and other platforms.
  • Controls made easily accessible in Android:  Windows 8 phones do have a simple tile based interface where everything seems at just a click away but to access most commonly used features like Wi-fi and Bluetooth you have to go all the way from Menu to Settings and then find the options to turn it on or off. In Android these settings are literally just a click away from the Home screen.
  • No File Manager Available in Windows 8:  Now for me this one is the deal breaker. I like to keep different files in my phone( not only mp3’s and video files) and Android makes it easy to manage them in its File manager whereas Windows 8 does not have a file manager at all! You want to move or delete a file or a mp3, you would have to connect the Windows 8 phone to the PC(that too with Zune installed or it would not access any files).
  • Notification management:  It feels really nice when you see a Facebook or Twitter notification and you can easily reply or delete or whatever you want at just a tap of your finger all rom a single place. The notification center in Android is really easy and fun to use. But in Window 8 phones you need to find which notification it is, from a bunch of tiles. You need to find the notification for each app individually and there is no central place for notifications at all.
  • Superior Battery Life: Android OS consumes less battery than Windows 8 and it can perform better if you take just a few steps to avoid the drainage of your Android phone battery. 

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