5 Things I Wish I could do in My Lifetime

  • Travel The world:    

Beauty-Canadian-RockiesTravelling to all the places in the world would  not be possible as it would take much more than a lifetime. So I want to visit as many beautiful places as I can. With so many different cultures, beautiful landscapes and exquisite landscapes  there is so much to see and enjoy.  We’ve got one life and the world offers so much to us, so why spend all your life at the same place.

  • Get Rich:

rich luxuriesThe last line of the above paragraph is not as easy and simple as it seems. The “why” part is complex and money is one of the factors that make it complex. The world does offer so much but not all of it is free. Being rich has its own advantages if you want to travel wherever you wish, whenever you wish or do stuff you like. Having plenty of money gives you the ultimate freedom we all wish for.

  • A Lot of Adventure Sports:

adventure sportsFor me Adventure sports are a way to get and stay closer to nature. Bungee jumping, mountain climbing, River rafting, Ice Skating and a long list of adventure sports attract me more than any riches or money. Having spent 80% of my lifetime closer to nature in the mountains, I know that the feeling of content you get closer to nature is like no other. And as a bonus, the adrenaline pumping inside you takes this feeling to much greater heights.

  • Play the best games on my personal high tech gaming console with a super wide screen:

1PC gamesI know this might sound childish but if you ever have been a fan of PC games and have played games like GTA, Fifa, Counter Strike, MOH, Saints Row, NFS and Hitman; you will know how much fun it is. Games take our imagination we have never been to and do things that are near impossible in real life.
And for people who think playing Video Games is a waste of time, there have been some researches that have proven that playing video games improves hand eye coordination, and memory power in kids.

  • Some Charity:

charity kidsAccording to a survey conducted by the world bank there are 1.2 billion people below the poverty line. These are people who can’t even afford even dreaming of things I’ve written in this article. All they want is to survive and arrange whatever food they could to feed their kids and family.  It’s a pity and a shame that out of 1426 billionaires and 12 million millionaires only a few care about the humans that are not 1/1000 as lucky as them.

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