How to Make your GF kill Herself!

Before you read any further: A Special note to Guys who “Do NOT” want to their Girlfriend to kill herself or kill you(which is a bigger possibility), just make sure you don’t do any of the following.  Everyone else, have fun Winking smile 

  • Take her on a date and make sure you forget your wallet at your home. Pointing up

  • Stare at every girlHot smile(Hot or not) when you are with her.

  • Ask her a lot  about the “Hot friend” she has, that you met the other day.

  • Go to a movie, take off your shoes, put your feet on the seats in front of you and make sure you are wearing the most stinking socks you have. (In case you have the bad habit of keeping your socks clean, then borrow the socks from one of your buddies.)

  • Keep telling her about how you and your ex used to have “Soooooooo much fun together” and how much you miss her. Add some additional “fake” details to spice it up.

  • Kiss her on the forehead and make sure to leave the chewing gum behind. Angry smile

  • Another thing to do with the chewing gum would be to stick it between her hair and the seat.

  • Wait for the moment when she abandons  her purse or bag for a moment and quickly put some glue on her lipstick. Now just wait for the magical moment when she goes to the washroom.

  • Whether you are dating a high school girl or a supermodel, this one always work.                             Just tell her she is looking FATdr-evil

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