Weird Facts from Around the World

  • In Finland, Donald Duck comics were banned. Why? Because he doesn’t wear pants.

donald duck

  • There is a saying(which might be true or not) that one should never try to suppress a sneeze as it can damage a blood vessel in your neck or brain and eventually die. Moreover, you should never try to keep the eyes open forcibly while sneezing as the eyeball might pop out. Wait, there’s one more . If you sneeze too hard you might fracture a rib too.

  • Did you ever thought why the term “got fired” is used when someone loses a job? There’s an interesting theory to it that in ancient Clans when the leaders wanted to get rid of their unwanted people but did not wanted to kill them, they used to burn their houses down. So they “got fired”.

  • You might have heard of the Famous TV show “Game of Thrones”. In 2012 over 160 babies were named  ‘Khalisi’ in the US after the famous character in that show.

  • According to the Famous singer Kesha, she spends thousands of Dollars on Glitter each month. So basically the amount she spends on Glitter is almost the monthly rent most people pay for.

  • As per some studies people are more likely to help when lightly touched while talking.

  • A man named Tsutomu Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima when the first Atom-bomb hit, after that he went home to Nagasaki where the second Atom Bomb hit. He survived both of them and lived to be 93.


  •  On an average, the number of posts written each day on Twitter are enough to fill up a 10 millions page book.

  • The Great inventor Thomas Edison proposed to his wife in morse code. First he taught her the morse code and then they used to talk in morse code when other people were around. He asked “.– — ..- .-.. -.. -.– — ..- — .- .-. .-. -.– — . and she replied -.—. …

  • Sleeping is better than watching television when it comes to burning calories. You burn more calories while sleeping than watching TV.

  • There is a belief that Russia has around 15 “secret cities” whose location, names etc are all hidden. No one knows why.

  • What if I tell you that a “panther” is not an animal at all? You’ll think I have gone nuts, right? But actually, it is just a term used to describe black jaguars, cougars etc.

  • Now here’s an eye-opener. Smoking can make you impotent as it can lead to erectile dysfunction.

  • Charles Darwin discovered many species in his lifetime but very few people know that he ate every animal that he founded. He liked to se what they tasted like.

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