5 Awesome YouTube Tricks

Being the biggest video sharing website in the world YouTube is very interesting and entertaining. However this Google owned video sharing giant has some super cool features that are unknown to most people.
I have previously written a short post “Weird Stuff to do with Google and YouTube” describing some of the features or tricks.
This is some more of this really cool stuff that’s worth checking out. So here it goes:

  • Use the force Luke – Type Use the force Luke  in YouTube search and you will be able to move the whole screen all around in a really weird way.

  • Now open YouTube in a new tab(unless you want to combine all the effects). Type “ Beam me up scotty” and hit enter. You will see some supercool effects.

  • / Geek week –  Type / Geek week  in the YouTube search and hit enter. It brings up a whole new geek version of YouTube.

  • Do the Harlem Shake – I have described this trick in my previous post also but this one is too cool to exclude from this one. Just Type “Do the harlem shake” in YouTube search and wait for a moment or two to see the dancing YouTube.

  • Doge Meme – Type Doge Meme  in the search and you’ll see YouTube in supercool new fonts.

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