How to Make your GF kill Herself!

Before you read any further: A Special note to Guys who “Do NOT” want to their Girlfriend to kill herself or kill you(which is a bigger possibility), just make sure you don’t do any of the following.  Everyone else, have fun Winking smile 

  • Take her on a date and make sure you forget your wallet at your home. Pointing up

  • Stare at every girlHot smile(Hot or not) when you are with her.

  • Ask her a lot  about the “Hot friend” she has, that you met the other day.

  • Go to a movie, take off your shoes, put your feet on the seats in front of you and make sure you are wearing the most stinking socks you have. (In case you have the bad habit of keeping your socks clean, then borrow the socks from one of your buddies.)

  • Keep telling her about how you and your ex used to have “Soooooooo much fun together” and how much you miss her. Add some additional “fake” details to spice it up.

  • Kiss her on the forehead and make sure to leave the chewing gum behind. Angry smile

  • Another thing to do with the chewing gum would be to stick it between her hair and the seat.

  • Wait for the moment when she abandons  her purse or bag for a moment and quickly put some glue on her lipstick. Now just wait for the magical moment when she goes to the washroom.

  • Whether you are dating a high school girl or a supermodel, this one always work.                             Just tell her she is looking FATdr-evil

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Few Things you Should know About Christmas

  • December 25, Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ however, the Bible doesn’t specify a date or time of Jesus’ birth. The reason for choosing 25th December  for Christmas is believed to be influenced by two similar pagan holidays – the birthday of Mithra and the Feast of Saturnalia.jesus birth
  • Ever wondered why Christmas is also known as Xmas? According to ‘From Adam’s Apple to Xmas: An Essential Vocabulary Guide for the Politically Correct,’ the word “Christianity” was spelled “Xianity” as far back as 1100 as a symbolic syllable for “Christ.” The syllable became ‘X’temmas’ in 1551 and was eventually shortened to “Xmas.”
  • The name Santa Claus originated from the Dutch word Sinterklaas which means Saint Nicholas. St. Nicholas was bishop of the Turkish town of Myra in the early 4th century. The Dutch first made him into a Christmas gift-giver, and Dutch settlers brought him to America where his name eventually became the familiar Santa Claus.
  • spider webs christmas treeThere is a weird but very interesting custom in Ukraine. Often the Christmas trees are decorated with artificial spider webs as it is believed to bring good luck. According to a legend a poor family went to bed on Christmas eve with the members crying because they wouldn’t be able to decorate their tree. Their cries were heard by the spiders roaming in the home and they were so touched by the cries that they decorated the tree with their webs. The next day on Christmas, the web strands magically turned to gold and silver, which changed the families fortune forever.
  • Every Christmas, kids flood the post offices across USA, Canada and many other countries with letters to Santa Claus. The Post offices in Canada receives so many letters from kids, that some kind postal workers started answering the letters. The Canadian postal service also set up a special zip code H0H 0H0 for Santa Claus, so kids can send letters to Santa directly. The 0 after H is a Zero not O in the Hohoho as you might have thought. 
  • Santa is the worlds Richest fictional character according to Forbes. They compiled a list of the world’s richest fictional people and St. Nick or Santa Claus is on the number one position with the wealth amounting to infinity.
  • According to Finnish Folklore when visiting Finland, Santa leaves his sleigh behind and rides on a goat made of straw named Ukko. Santa's sleigh
  • Every Christmas, 25-30 million real trees and 8-12 million artificial trees are bought in America to for decoration.
  • It is  also estimated that people spent over $52 billion and $45 billion over the Thanksgiving weekends in 2011 and 2010.
Wishing a Merry Christmas  to all the readers !! Thanks for reading Smile

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Can Macs Get Viruses?

Can Macs get Viruses like windows PCs or are they virus proof? Many people have asked me if you can get a virus on mac, even if they do not intend to buy an apple laptop or PC in a lifetime(There are reasons for that). Macintosh or Mac computers have such a reputation that there is a general belief that a Mac cannot get infected with a virus. 

Some of the reasons for people believing that Macs are Virus Free are: can macs get viruses, can a mac get a virus, mac virus scan, virus on mac, huhuhaha

  • Most of the Mac users have never faced a Virus threat.
  • Mac is based on Unix, which is known to prevent any unauthorized software or program executions as it asks for permission(and admin password) for most activities.
  • The Strong permission structure of the Mac computers prevent most AutoRun programs unlike windows which is designed to run software’s by any possible way.
  • Mac users are very less, so most people are ignorant about its working. Ignorance can make us believe anything which might or might not be true.

So, with such a permission structure and safe image amongst both users and non users macs must be virus free, right?
The answer is NO, Macs are not virus free and any apple computer or laptop can be infected with a virus. There was a time when Apple used to boast that there have been no viruses made for mac yet. This was a true statement however the reason was not that Mac computers are immune to all viruses, the reason there was no virus made for Mac was simply that there were so little Mac computers in the market(when compared to Windows based computers) that no one bothered to write a virus code for Macs.
Another reason virus makers focused on Windows and ignored Mac computers was that writing the code for Mac PCs is comparatively difficult. Because of the complex permission structure and Unix Architecture of the Mac laptops and computers the virus writing is a twisted job. However it is not impossible.
Recently, Apple computers have removed a line from their website in which they claimed that Mac computers aren’t susceptible to the thousands of viruses plaguing Windows-based computers. After a few virus attack claims on Mac pcs they have realized that a Mac computers might be safer that Windows based Pcs but they are not 100% immune to viruses.
Every computer that runs programs or softwares can be affected with viruses as a virus is also a piece of program or software. The motive of a virus might be dangerous but it is still a piece of code or the computer.”

Fats are Good for Heart: Unfolding the Myth behind Saturated Fat

The Myth:
Around 50 years ago, a study was done by Dr Ancel Keys which was known as the Seven Countries Study, in which he noticed that the heart disease cases were more in countries where people consumed more saturated fat. Dr Keys came to the conclusion that heart disease is directly related to cholesterol which you get through foods like butter, milk or anything that has saturated fat in it. Dr Keys was a big name back then, so recognizing his study the American Heart Association announced on television that eating large amounts of butter, beef, eggs etc. can lead to heart disease. Soon this became a general belief that “if it’s Fat then it’s bad”.  Every doctor since then has been prescribing low fat diets cause that’s what they have been taught, that’s what they have read and so that is what they believe. But is it the truth?

“It’s not like we ate butter and it goes straight into our arteries to block them, because our body works in a much better way than this.”

The Real Science(for the Geeks):
Atherosclerosis is the thickening or hardening of the artery walls which is the main cause of the heart diseases. It is caused when the oxidized LDL(Low- Density Lipoprotein) particles penetrate the arterial wall thus causing  inflammation and damage to the arterial tissues. 
Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is one of the five major groups of lipoproteins. It can also be called as a type of cholesterol in layman’s language however this is the bad type of cholesterol. The good type is HDL or High Density Lipoprotein(yes, cholesterol is good also, I’ll explain it in a moment).
It’s true that lowering saturated fat in the diet lowers the total cholesterol level in the body, but(now this is interesting) it only lowers the good type of cholesterol that is HDL. HDL or High Density Lipoprotein.
We get cholesterol by two ways, one is dietary cholesterol which is HDL and the other is LDL which is produced inside our body by our own liver(yes the liver produces the bad kind of cholesterol).When we do not get enough cholesterol from our diet the body produces more LDL to meet up the cholesterol requirements.  Basically, eating a high fat diet can actually help in controlling the level of “bad cholesterol or LDL”. Also when we do not eat fat in our diet we tend to eat more carbohydrates and sugar to curb the hunger and as per the latest researches  published in the British Journal of Medicine, sugar and high carb diets are the main culprit behind heart attacks and increase in weight.
Now here it becomes even more interesting. If you want to loose weight, you will most probably be advised to stay on a strict low fat diet. But is it really the correct way? Well, according to these researches the correct way to loose weight is to stay on a “high fat and low carb” diet. Yes you heard it right, more fat and less carb. The logic behind this diet is that when we eat more fat and less carb our body learns to access the stored body fat which ultimately leads to weight loss in a healthy way.

 “The scientists have now said that the advice to cut saturated fat has been the biggest mistake in the field of medicine.”

 saturated fat, heart attack, heart attack solution, sugar is bad, fat is good
The Conclusion:

  • Food filled with Saturated fat does not cause heart diseases. Instead it can actually help in avoiding heart diseases.
  • High Fat diet is not the problem, high carb and high sugar is the problem.
  • If done properly, a high fat low carb diet can actually help in weight loss.

Research: The American Journal for Clinical nutrition, British Journal of Medicine, Wikipedia

Hanebrink Electric Bike: The Bike of the Future

The Bike of the Future would be a perfect name for this amazing electric bike as it has everything that a biker would want in a bike(except the superfast nitro and flying capacity, if that’s what you are looking for in the future). This bike has gained its popularity after being showcased in the discovery show Tech Toys 360.

Designed by Dan Hanebrink, this is an All Terrain Bike that is also a Hybrid Bike. As per the Fortune Hanebrink Website there are 5 models of this bike.

Models and Specs:

  • Hanebrink X1 – This is a Human propelled model and has no motor. Priced at $3,500, super wide wide tubeless 20inch x 8inch tires, 6061- T6 Aircraft Aluminum Tubing frame, weighting 35 lbs and hydraulic disk brakes, this bike is the basic model.

  • Hanebrink X2 –  It is a hybrid bike(pedalling + motor driven) with a 750-watt brush-less electric motor,  36 Volt LiNMC, 9.6 Amp Hour battery which can be optionally chosen as 48 volt which drives a 14 speed gear. This model is prices at $7,650  which is quite higher than most electric bikes but the features are just amazing. Being an All terrain Bike that can run on snow, beach, mountain and a strong body that you can rely on with full trust this price is still worth it.

  • Hanebrink X3 – In addition to the features in X2, the X3 model has RockShock Air Shock with 5″ travel for rear suspension. This increases the base price to $9,250 .

  • Hanebrink Hustler X5 – With 4 Li-ion, N.M.C AllCell Batteries, Crystalyte 5303 Mid Motor, 14 speed transmission and amazing braking this one simply rocks the biking world. You can go at a speed of 80 miles per hour in this hybrid bike.

  • Hanebrink Bearcat – This is the latest addition to the Hanebrink bikes. Priced at $4,400 it is a little lighter than the other models and has  21 speed Shimano front and rear derailleurs and the looks are just amazing.

Note: I am not affiliated by this company, this is just a tech review of this amazing bike I happened to know about.

5 Things I Wish I could do in My Lifetime

  • Travel The world:    

Beauty-Canadian-RockiesTravelling to all the places in the world would  not be possible as it would take much more than a lifetime. So I want to visit as many beautiful places as I can. With so many different cultures, beautiful landscapes and exquisite landscapes  there is so much to see and enjoy.  We’ve got one life and the world offers so much to us, so why spend all your life at the same place.

  • Get Rich:

rich luxuriesThe last line of the above paragraph is not as easy and simple as it seems. The “why” part is complex and money is one of the factors that make it complex. The world does offer so much but not all of it is free. Being rich has its own advantages if you want to travel wherever you wish, whenever you wish or do stuff you like. Having plenty of money gives you the ultimate freedom we all wish for.

  • A Lot of Adventure Sports:

adventure sportsFor me Adventure sports are a way to get and stay closer to nature. Bungee jumping, mountain climbing, River rafting, Ice Skating and a long list of adventure sports attract me more than any riches or money. Having spent 80% of my lifetime closer to nature in the mountains, I know that the feeling of content you get closer to nature is like no other. And as a bonus, the adrenaline pumping inside you takes this feeling to much greater heights.

  • Play the best games on my personal high tech gaming console with a super wide screen:

1PC gamesI know this might sound childish but if you ever have been a fan of PC games and have played games like GTA, Fifa, Counter Strike, MOH, Saints Row, NFS and Hitman; you will know how much fun it is. Games take our imagination we have never been to and do things that are near impossible in real life.
And for people who think playing Video Games is a waste of time, there have been some researches that have proven that playing video games improves hand eye coordination, and memory power in kids.

  • Some Charity:

charity kidsAccording to a survey conducted by the world bank there are 1.2 billion people below the poverty line. These are people who can’t even afford even dreaming of things I’ve written in this article. All they want is to survive and arrange whatever food they could to feed their kids and family.  It’s a pity and a shame that out of 1426 billionaires and 12 million millionaires only a few care about the humans that are not 1/1000 as lucky as them.

How to become a vampire? Really?

Twilight, Vampire Diaries, True Blood and many more. All these are great “works  of fiction”. The makers, cast, crew, producer, director, writer and everyone involved in these programs are 100% Legitimate HUMANS. In spite of this obvious fact, thousands if not millions of teens (many adults as well) strongly believe that they can turn into Vampires. The credit goes to the excellent storyline of these so called sagas. The Vampire characters in these Tv Shows and Movies are depicted as Heroes who are strong, fast, having supernatural powers and Immortal. I must say this supernatural stuff is very entertaining but actually believing it is true is hilarious yet dangerous. I’ll get to the dangerous part at the end.

“I would like to confess, I always wanted some kind of supernatural power(when I was like 8 or 9) like most kids of my age at that time. I even used to tie a towel around my neck and roam around the house thinking I am Superman now.”

  • The Hilarious Part

You’ll find YouTube videos where people confess of being a Vampire, sites that teach you how to become a vampire, various theories on different types of vampires and a lot of other freakish stuff. God knows if those people are smart enough making money  of this mindless stuff or they just need a psychologist.
On an average 33,100 people search for the term “How to become a Vampire” on Google each month. Around 1900 each month searches are for “spells to become a vampire”. When I calculated the total number of searches for become a vampire related terms, I was amazed to see how many people actually believe in this stuff. The number was 1,422,290 searches per month.

  • The Dangerous Part

Maybe it’s just a teenage fantasy to be a vampire or have some kind of supernatural powers but  there have been several cases where this innocent teenage fantasy has turned into a life threatening danger. In 2011 a 19 year old boy named Lyle Monroe Bensley attacked a woman in her house. According to reports, he hissed and growled at the woman before attacking her. You can read the original article for this attack here.
In another report a 17 year old art student Mathew Hardman cut out a heart of a 90 year old woman and supposedly drank her blood as he believed he would become an immortal vampire after it. Now all he got is a 12 year imprisonment and a lifetime of guilt.
Many teens fail to understand that the TV shows, Movies and Books written on these supernatural phenomenon are in no way connected to any real world vampires. As I said earlier even the author of the books are real Humans.  Another reason behind some teens believing they are or can be vampires is actually a medical condition called Renfield’s syndrome. It is also called Clinical Vampirism, which is an obsession of drinking blood. However no one gets superhuman abilities or becomes immortal because of this syndrome.

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How to Survive a Day Without Internet!

Imagine, you are all alone at home chatting with your Facebook Buddy while a video is buffering in YouTube and tens of tabs opened, and suddenly your internet stops working(I know it’s scary). Google, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, Yahoo, YouTube and the list continues. We are addicted to these sites. But since your internet has stopped working( I feel horrified every time I write it),  you can’t access any of them. What will you do now? Obviously you’ll call up the service provider and complaint about the connection. But what if they say, it can’t be done before tomorrow ? (maybe they are facing a “technician turned into Vampire issue”)

For that situation, the following lifesaver tips will help you “Survive a Day Without Internet”.
  • Search your Hard drive for any movies or TV shows you have recently downloaded from the internet. If you do not find any of it, make a note to remember downloading plenty of movies and TV shows just in case of the next crisis.
  • Play a game on your PC/Laptop. The Grand theft Auto series has been my  personal favorite since it is a “never get bored playing it” type of a game. Halo, Saints Row, Civilization, MOH, Call of Duty etc. are also good for killing time. Even Angry Birds PC version will be a lot of fun. Don’t have any of it? Really? Okay, make another note (in uppercase letters).
  • Try to catch a neighbors Wi-Fi signal and wish it’s not password protected(which is next to impossible I guess). No luck? Okay, it was worth a try. Move to the next tip now.
  • Watch TV. Depending on your taste you can watch a Movie channel, News or Cartoons(C’mon, Tom and Jerry is still my favorite). If you’re lucky,you can even catch Bear Grills eating another worm, centipede(or doing other weird stuff) etc. on Discovery.
  • Call up your friends, ask them if they are ready for a stroll to the mall or any other fun place. (Note: Before calling them, pray to god that their internet also stops working or the chances are your friends will come up with weird excuses like I am ill, working with dad, grandmother died or the most unbelievable one “I am studying, please don’t disturb!”)
  • Lie back on the bed and stare at the wall. Concentrate on the lines and formations on the wall. Not interesting enough? Try staring at everything around you. The light bulb, cupboard, chair, those untouched books, the pile of clothes that should be inside the cupboard and anything else you see. Just stare without thinking anything like you are a zombie or something. Now that’s what I call real meditation!
  • Tired of thinking about nothing?(I know, I know it’s tiresome) Now sit straight, make a serious face, fold your hands and think about random stuff like ““what should be my next Facebook Status?” “ Would the number of comments of my pic cross 50?”, “Should I bath more often”? etc..

  • Just sleep and don’t wake up till tomorrow so when you wake up and find internet working just like before, it will all seem like a bad dream.
how to survive a day without internet, no internet, what to do without internet

Tip: Either memorize it or save this page on your PC, as if your internet goes down, I don’t think you’ll be able to find it.(Most of you would have thought of this by now)
Now after reading this short guide, I am sure you have developed as a survival expert. We’ll appreciate, if you have any additional tips for our readers. Take Care.

How to Test my Internet Speed

test my internet speed, check my internet speed, testing internet speed, internet speed checker, how fast is my internet,how to test internet speedIn this short article I have provided the top 5 tools that I use to test my internet speed to know how fast is my internet. Also I have explained the working of the “internet speed checker” programs available over the internet.


The internet speed test checks the speed promised by your service provider by using a server that is geographically closest to you. It does not measure the actual transfer speed of a file over the internet as it depends on various other factors that are not under the service provider’s control, such as the content provider’s server load and bandwidth.


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The programs we use to test internet connection speed works in 3 steps.

  1. In the first step the speed checker program detects a server closest to your location and then PINGs it to check the latency rate. Latency is an expression of how much time it takes for a packet of data to get from one designated point to another.
  2. Small binary files(data packets) are downloaded on your computer, and the program measures that download to estimate the connection speed.
  3. Now to check the upload speed, speed checker program uploads multiple packets to the nearest server and calculates all uploaded bytes in a second then it converts them in Bits to show the upload speed in bps (bits per second).

Understanding the difference between kilobytes per second and kilobits per second.
Most service providers advertise their internet speeds in kilobits per second(kbps). However the internet speed checker programs measure internet speed in kilobytes per second(Kbps). There are 8 bits in a byte so you can find your speed in kilobits per second by multiplying your kilobytes per second by 8.

Miles per Gallon / MPG : 22 Tips to increase it

Here is a Compilation of 22 tips which can help you take your car to the level of best gas mileage cars available in the market.

  1. Driving at a consistent speed is important to increase the mileage. You can also use Cruise control(if equipped) to stay at a constant speed.
  2. Try not to use your four-wheel drive function when not needed. This feature increases fuel consumption.
  3. Avoid Braking. This might sound crazy(and unsafe) but this does not mean you don’t have to break at all. You should always keep your foot ready to break as you might need it anytime(the road is a dangerous  place you know). When you stop and start again, it uses more fuel. Try to increase the amount of distance between you and other vehicles. If you drive smartly, accelerating controllably, the acceleration won’t even affect the mpg. Note: Do not break any traffic rules to avoid breaking as spending a few  additional bucks on fuel is still better than getting a ticket(or even worse, jail).
  4. Never push the accelerator more than an inch or 2.5cm. The more you push down the gas pedal, more fuel  it pushes into the engine, which makes the engine run faster. The best way would be to push the pedal down slowly and when you know you have to stop at a point,  don’t just accelerate till the end point and slam the breaks(slamming the breaks also decreases the life of break pedal). Instead take off your foot off the accelerator a few feet before the end point so you smoothly sail to the end point and stop the car by applying the brakes gently.
  5. Do not idle the vehicle. There is general belief that in cold weather the car should be kept idle to warm up. This is not completely untrue, the car does need a little warming up in cold weather but the correct way to warp up the car is to drive gently for 5-10 minutes. Also if you are going to stop for more than one minute, turning off the engine can improve fuel efficiency by almost 19%.  So next time, turnoff the car at stop lights.
  6. Drive slower up hills, and faster downhill. When you drive faster uphill you press the accelerator more which increases the fuel consumption(thus more MPG). The trick is to keep the accelerator constant and avoid pushing it down more than an inch(tip 4). And when you are going downhill, try to avoid acceleration by going on lighter gears. Please keep in mind that if the hill is steeper the you should keep your speed in control by staying on heavier gears.(The gears depend on the speed you want to be on)
  7. Hear what your Engine says!!  You might have noticed the variations in sounds that your engine makes when  you accelerate more vs. less,  and when you drive in heavier gears vs. lighter gears. Sound is a very good indicator of the load your engine is taking. The more intense and harsh the sound is, the more load your engine is taking(ultimately leading to higher fuel combustion and less engine life). Going slower uphill(tip 6) also helps in keeping the engine load in control.
  8. Do Not use Deflated Tires. Check the Tire pressure regularly. If the tires are incorrectly inflated, then there will be excess drag, or not enough surface contact with the road. This affects the car efficiency more than you would have imagined. Under-inflated tires can decrease the fuel efficiency of your engine up-to 2.8%.
  9. Remove the Junk off the Trunk! Removing the unused items from your vehicle increases its efficiency.
  10. Do not use Cruise Control when driving on hilly roads. The cruise control will try and keep you at a constant speed which means it will not be able to anticipate a coming hill and accelerate to meet it. It will make the car idle downhill and then flaw it for the uphill sections. It is far more efficient to turn it off when driving on these type of roads and maintain the flexibility of normal driving.
  11. Don’t stick to the bumper of the car in front of you. Maintaining a safe distance from the car in front of you gives you a better chance to avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking.
  12. Always take off slowly! Maintain a habit of taking off slowly(unless you are in an F1 race) always and you will see a definite increase in MPG(miles per gallon) comparison.
  13. Stay between 45 to 55 miles per hour.Staying between these speeds is considered to be most fuel efficient as at this speed the car is at its best “speed per RPM” ratio.
  14. Try to use A/C as fewer as you can. It has been found in studies that the A/C at lower speeds can use up to about 8% of the fuel of the car. A possible solution would be to open the windows at lower speeds and turn off the A/C(unless it’s a hot day). However at faster speeds opening the windows increases the drag so you can either turn on the A/C or keep the windows open only a few inches.
  15. Downshift or just Go Neutral!  Gas can be saved by shifting into neutral when going down steep hills however “this tip is just for educational purpose(in case you are short of fuel) and I do not recommend it personally as Engine braking is much much safer on steep hills.” Also you should not do this in a Hybrid car, as they need the Engine Breaking to generate electricity and charge the batteries. One more thing that you should know is that going in neutral for long distances can cause damage to the break pedals.
  16. Find a Tree, when Parking Outside. Parking in the shade keeps the car cooler inside, and you will need less A/C to cool off when you get back in.  Also the gasoline can evaporate under sunlight so make sure that your gas tank is facing away from the direct sunlight. Check your gas cap properly, if your fuel cap is sealed tight then you can worry a little less, as it will keep the the fumes in and outside air out.
  17. Don’t use Thick tires!  Showing off the modern thick tires feel great but keep it mind that more the width is, more the resistance is and so the fuel consumption is also higher.
  18. Check the Car Health regularly. Make sure the engine oil, breaking oil, the clutch etc. are in good condition.
  19. Avoid Over Speeding.  The ideal speed that you should drive is between 40 and 60 miles per hour (64.4 and 96.6 kilometers per hour). Going faster than that might take you to your destination a little earlier but it’s not worth it when it reduces your cars efficiency.
  20. Keep the Air Filter clean. Cleaning the air filters  regularly is important to avoid any blocks in the path of air to the engine. A clean air filter can improve mpg(miles per gallon) by as much as 10%.
  21. Keep the Tires Aligned properly. Poor alignment not only causes tires to wear out more quickly, but also forces your engine to work harder.
  22. Don’t Drive! This is the golden tip. Instead of hoping in the car every now and then, try cycling or walking for short distances. You will save fuel, save money, stay healthy

save fuel, mpg comparison, miles per gallon, best gas mileage cars
This has been a very tiring article for me and I hope that you will like it. Please leave comments and share.

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