Inventions That killed their Inventors.

 This is a compilation of some rare incidences where the inventor died because of his/her own invention.

    mizar flying car

  • Mizar The Flying Car : Henry Smolinksi died 1973 invented mizar the flying car. He died in a crash when the right wing of the wing detached during a flight. 


  • eddystone_lighthouseEdystone Lighthouse: Henry winstanly died in 1703 invented eddystone lighthouse. There was a great storm in 1703 during which he refused to leave the lighthouse. The light house collapsed and he died inside it.


  • glider lilienEEThe Glider : Otto Lilienthal died in 1896 invented Glider.  He was in a flight when his glider was stuck by wind. He fell around 50 ft down which broke his spine and he died.


  • rotary printing pressRotary printing press: William Bullock died in 1867. He invented rotary printing press. While testing the machine he accidentally crushed his foot in the machine. Later his foot developed gangrene and he eventually died because of it.


  • blood transfusion alexander-bogdanovBlood Transfusion: Alexander Bogdanov died in 1928. He invented blood transfusion. He died after he gave himself a blood transfusion  because the the blood was either contaminated or incompatible.


  • submarine hunleyThe Submarine : Horace Hunley died in 1863. He invented the Submarine. The submarine sank duing a routine training exercise and Hunley died inside it.

The Legend of the Dibbuk Box

There are thousands of haunted places all over the world, where people claim to see or feel the existence of ghosts, demons or something supernatural.  However these experiences are not just limited to places only, people have had really creepy experiences with certain “Haunted” objects most of which always have a scary story attached with them.

The Dibbuk Box is one of the most famous things amongst the haunted boxes as a movie “The possession” also has been made inspired by its story.The dibbuk box

This is a Jewish wine box  that has gotten it’s name because supposedly a Dybuk( A type of ghost in Jewish folklore) lives inside it.  There is a very interesting story attached with this box. According to the story  the first known owner of this box was an old lady who also happened to be a concentration camp survivor. She was born in Poland and was sent to the Nazi concentration camps during World War II, she managed to flee from the camps and managed to live in Spain until the end of World War II. It was in Spain where she got this box. She brought this box to the US and lived in Portland Oregon until her death at the age of 103 years. She never let anyone open that box during her lifetime as she believed it has some evil inside it. She even had wished to bury the box with her after her death.

However this was against the Jewish customs so her wish was not fulfilled and the Dibbuk box along with some other stuff was put on a sale.  It was bought by an Antiques buyer Kevin mannis. When the buyer talked to the Grand-daughter of the lady who used to owned that box, he told her that she could keep the box if it has any sentimental value to her and he will not ask his money back. The reaction he got from her was quite the opposite of what he expected. She became kind of upset and told him that a deal has been made and he has to keep it.

The Antique dealer  took the box and put it in the basement of his furniture refinishing store.  Later he received a call from his salesperson who was very frightened and told him someone is breaking glass and swearing in the shop and she cannot get out as all the iron gates are locked. He reached the store as fast as he could and opened the locked doors, he found the salesperson sobbing at a corner and went in the basement to investigate. The lights were not working as the light bulbs were all broken and shattered on the floor. The smell of cat urine was prevailing there however no animals have ever entered in the basement. He found no one in there, even when there was only one way out. By the time he went back to the salesperson to ask anything she was gone and never came back to work. He still had no idea if the incident could be connected to the Dibbuk box.

Later he cleaned the Dibbuk box and found some weird items inside it( a lock of blonde hair a lock of brown/black hair and 2 wheat pennies). He took out the items and after cleaning gifted the box to his mother in a café while having lunch. She liked it first and while she was taking a look at it he went out to take a call. When he returned he found that she had suffered a stroke and tears were falling uncontrollably out of her eyes. Later he tried to ask her(while she was in the hospital bed only able to communicate by pointing to alphabets to form a word) what happened that day, she spelled the words H-A-T-E-G-I-F-T.

Still having no idea what she exactly meant the Antique dealer gave the box as a gift to his sister, his brother, his girlfriend and even sold it to a couple. Everyone returned it back to him with complaints like bad cat urine odor, doors opening by themselves. The couple returned the box with a note saying “this has a bad darkness”.

He started having a weird horrible nightmare which eventually turned out to be common amongst all the people he gave the box to. Weird things started to happen  to him like shadows moving in his house. He was afraid to destroy the box as he thought it would break free the evil inside it. So he put it on auction on Ebay.

Jason Haxton, Director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri bought the box. He began having weird and horrible experiences like coughing out blood, strange noises. His son even saw a  black flame like mass with them inside the room while they were watching TV. After consulting with some Rabbis Haxton successfully sealed the Dybbuk inside the box and hid in a secret location he does not reveal to anyone.

Is Time Travel possible?

Is Time Travel possible? The logically correct answer would be Yes! We all are travelling “forward” in time with each passing second.  However the real question would be if going to a specific time that we wish to be in, is possible or not.

Till now we have seen the time travel phenomenon is science fiction movies and TV shows like Dr.who. The characters in these science fictions use some kind of time machines, enter the time, date and place and whoooop!, they are gone. It would be so good if it could be that simple. We would have gone back to the past and stopped all the terrible things from happening. Sounds nice, right? However this is far more complex than it sounds.

Question: If time travel is possible then why has no one come to us from the future?

Answer: According to a theory, even if someone is able to make a time machine, it is not possible to travel  back to the time before the time machine has been started. The Time travel to the past with this time machine would only be limited to the time it has been started.

One of the things that makes time travel complex is a paradox known as the Grandfathers paradox. According to this paradox if a person goes to the past and meet his grandfather before his marriage and kills him or stops him from marrying by any possible way, this would mean that he would not have produced any children and thus the person killing his grandfather would not have been born. So if a person has not been born at all then how can he go to the past and kill his grandfather. This creates a complex paradox which seems kind of unsolvable.
Let’s take another example. Think of an event you want to change in your past. Your uncle gave you a nice little time machine as your birthday gift and you went 5 years back in time to stop that embarrassing event before it happens. So you stopped it, but if such an event never happens(as the future you has already stopped it) it means that you(past you) will never know about it. Thus, you will not feel the need to go to the past to change that event. And if you do not go back to change it, this will create a self contradicting loop. 


Physicists have been searching a solution for this paradox from a long time. One theory is that for each choice we have in life, multiple parallel universes are formed based on our choices. So if you go back in time and change something, the change occurs in another universe and thus your present will not be affected.
However the idea of parallel universe(or universes) is complicated itself.  To understand the idea of parallel universe better, imagine your friends set you up for a blind date. You have two choices; either you can feel shy and ditch your date or you buckle up and go on a date. According to the theory of parallel universe you might be doing both of the above choices but in different universes. These universes would be exactly the same as this one but would be formed by each choice you face in your life. Which basically leads to two contradicting statements:

  1. If each choice in a persons life forms a new universe in a new dimension, it would ultimately mean that there are infinite amount of universes or dimensions.
  2. If the change you want to make in your past would not affect your present(as it would only affect the parallel universe), it means you have gone to another universe(or dimension). So it would not be called time travel technically. It would be more like travelling between universes or dimensions. And if you cannot affect the present by altering the past, why would you even bother doing it. So it clears the whole purpose of time travelling.

Now, these were the complexities of travelling back in time. Travelling forward in time might not be that much complex.

If all the paradoxes are ignored somehow, how can we travel in time?

Theoretically, there are two ways to travel in time.

  1. Travel faster than the speed of light. It has been theoretically proved that if a person can travel faster than the speed of light then he can reach hundreds of years ahead without much increase in his age.
  2. Worm holes are the practical way to travel in time. According to scientists and researches worm holes are very minute gateways to different time zones, which if accessible can make time travelling a real possibility.

Few Things you Should know About Christmas

  • December 25, Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ however, the Bible doesn’t specify a date or time of Jesus’ birth. The reason for choosing 25th December  for Christmas is believed to be influenced by two similar pagan holidays – the birthday of Mithra and the Feast of Saturnalia.jesus birth
  • Ever wondered why Christmas is also known as Xmas? According to ‘From Adam’s Apple to Xmas: An Essential Vocabulary Guide for the Politically Correct,’ the word “Christianity” was spelled “Xianity” as far back as 1100 as a symbolic syllable for “Christ.” The syllable became ‘X’temmas’ in 1551 and was eventually shortened to “Xmas.”
  • The name Santa Claus originated from the Dutch word Sinterklaas which means Saint Nicholas. St. Nicholas was bishop of the Turkish town of Myra in the early 4th century. The Dutch first made him into a Christmas gift-giver, and Dutch settlers brought him to America where his name eventually became the familiar Santa Claus.
  • spider webs christmas treeThere is a weird but very interesting custom in Ukraine. Often the Christmas trees are decorated with artificial spider webs as it is believed to bring good luck. According to a legend a poor family went to bed on Christmas eve with the members crying because they wouldn’t be able to decorate their tree. Their cries were heard by the spiders roaming in the home and they were so touched by the cries that they decorated the tree with their webs. The next day on Christmas, the web strands magically turned to gold and silver, which changed the families fortune forever.
  • Every Christmas, kids flood the post offices across USA, Canada and many other countries with letters to Santa Claus. The Post offices in Canada receives so many letters from kids, that some kind postal workers started answering the letters. The Canadian postal service also set up a special zip code H0H 0H0 for Santa Claus, so kids can send letters to Santa directly. The 0 after H is a Zero not O in the Hohoho as you might have thought. 
  • Santa is the worlds Richest fictional character according to Forbes. They compiled a list of the world’s richest fictional people and St. Nick or Santa Claus is on the number one position with the wealth amounting to infinity.
  • According to Finnish Folklore when visiting Finland, Santa leaves his sleigh behind and rides on a goat made of straw named Ukko. Santa's sleigh
  • Every Christmas, 25-30 million real trees and 8-12 million artificial trees are bought in America to for decoration.
  • It is  also estimated that people spent over $52 billion and $45 billion over the Thanksgiving weekends in 2011 and 2010.
Wishing a Merry Christmas  to all the readers !! Thanks for reading Smile

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How to become a vampire? Really?

Twilight, Vampire Diaries, True Blood and many more. All these are great “works  of fiction”. The makers, cast, crew, producer, director, writer and everyone involved in these programs are 100% Legitimate HUMANS. In spite of this obvious fact, thousands if not millions of teens (many adults as well) strongly believe that they can turn into Vampires. The credit goes to the excellent storyline of these so called sagas. The Vampire characters in these Tv Shows and Movies are depicted as Heroes who are strong, fast, having supernatural powers and Immortal. I must say this supernatural stuff is very entertaining but actually believing it is true is hilarious yet dangerous. I’ll get to the dangerous part at the end.

“I would like to confess, I always wanted some kind of supernatural power(when I was like 8 or 9) like most kids of my age at that time. I even used to tie a towel around my neck and roam around the house thinking I am Superman now.”

  • The Hilarious Part

You’ll find YouTube videos where people confess of being a Vampire, sites that teach you how to become a vampire, various theories on different types of vampires and a lot of other freakish stuff. God knows if those people are smart enough making money  of this mindless stuff or they just need a psychologist.
On an average 33,100 people search for the term “How to become a Vampire” on Google each month. Around 1900 each month searches are for “spells to become a vampire”. When I calculated the total number of searches for become a vampire related terms, I was amazed to see how many people actually believe in this stuff. The number was 1,422,290 searches per month.

  • The Dangerous Part

Maybe it’s just a teenage fantasy to be a vampire or have some kind of supernatural powers but  there have been several cases where this innocent teenage fantasy has turned into a life threatening danger. In 2011 a 19 year old boy named Lyle Monroe Bensley attacked a woman in her house. According to reports, he hissed and growled at the woman before attacking her. You can read the original article for this attack here.
In another report a 17 year old art student Mathew Hardman cut out a heart of a 90 year old woman and supposedly drank her blood as he believed he would become an immortal vampire after it. Now all he got is a 12 year imprisonment and a lifetime of guilt.
Many teens fail to understand that the TV shows, Movies and Books written on these supernatural phenomenon are in no way connected to any real world vampires. As I said earlier even the author of the books are real Humans.  Another reason behind some teens believing they are or can be vampires is actually a medical condition called Renfield’s syndrome. It is also called Clinical Vampirism, which is an obsession of drinking blood. However no one gets superhuman abilities or becomes immortal because of this syndrome.

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Facts about Einstein

Albert Einstein was indeed one of the greatest minds in the history of mankind. His work in the field of science is remarkable however there are some very interesting facts about Albert Einstein that very few people know about.

  • He was not very good at remembering, as he had problems remembering dates and telephone numbers. He did not even remembered his own phone number.    
  • He divorced his first wife Mileva maric and married his own cousin Elsa Loewenthal.
  • When he was 5 his father gave him a compass. Albert was fascinated by this simple device and wondered what force makes this needle spin. This was the starting of his interest in science.
  • In 1952 he declined an offer to be the President of Israel. He was 72 at that time.
  • Dr Thomas Harvey removed his brain from his body after he died for research purposes. However he did this without getting the permission from Einstein’s family. He later got the permission from Einstein’s son.
  • He was an obsessive pipe smoker.
  • He didn’t knew how to swim but he loved sailing.
  • He had a speech difficulty until he was 9 year old. He talked very slowly.

  • This famous picture of him was taken when photographer Arthur Sasse wah trying to take a smiling picture of Dr. Einstein, but Einstein took out his tongue instead.

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Fun Facts 1

  • The first product having a bar code was Wrigley’s gum.                                      
  • Egyptian people used to sleep on pillows made of rock in the Ancient times!  


  • Chewing Gum while cutting Onion can keep you from crying!                                                                                                                                                               
  • Men are 6 times likely to be struck by lighting than women[unfair:(]                                                                                                                                                                          
  • A simple tip to loose weight ; Smell bananas or green apples, don’t eat just smell them. It helps!                                                                       
  • Another simple tip to loose weight; Watch a Horror film and it can help you burn up-to 200 calories, which is the same as a half hour walk!!  


  • A Grown man 46 years old hunted and attacked a 13 year old kid because the kid killed him several times(In the Call of Duty:black ops PC game) 😉                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Over a period of 200 years 3 ships perished at the same location of east coast of whales on the same day, December 5th and all 3 of them had only 1 survivor with the name Hugh Williams!!                                          
  • In Japan they have an indoor beach!! It is called Ocean Dome.

5 Weird Laws Related to Fish!!

There are some really weird Laws in the world but a Law related to fish sounds weird itself. 

            5 of the weirdest ones are here, hope you like it 😉

    1. It’s illegal in Oklahoma to get a fish drunk. (Like someone can actually make it drink alcohol).                                      
    2. In Seattle, goldfish can ride the city buses in bowls, but only if they keep still.(If they move, will their bowl would be imprisoned ???)                                                      
    3. In Utah it is illegal to catch fish from the back of a horse and in  Idaho, it is illegal to fish from the back of any animal.(Are they afraid, that the animal will also learn fishing ??? )                                                         
    4. It is not legal to go whale fishing in Nebraska( People were trying to eat whales???)                                               
    5. In Liverpool, it is illegal for a woman to be topless in public unless they are a clerk in a tropical fish store.(I know what you are thinking, “Next destination:  The tropical fish stores in Liverpool” 😛 )   

    Ever heard of a Dancing Plague?

    The Dancing Plague of Strasbourg, France is one of the most bizarre yet authentic events in the history. 
    Can you imagine hundreds of people dancing in the streets without any explainable reason, without taking a break(well most of them didn’t took even a single break)? Weird, right? But it happened for real!!

    It occurred in 1518, mid July when a woman named Frau Troffea started dancing in the street of Strasbourg. Within a week of her dancing, many people joined her and the number grew up to 400 within a month. 

    Many of these people died from heart attacks and strokes. 

    As there was no explanation for this act, the authorities unable to provide any cure declared that  the solution to this problem would be more dancing which ultimately led to the death of many due to exhaustion and strokes. 

    One of the theories is that the plague was caused by ergot fungus, a very poisonous organic version of LSD.  Another theory is that this was due to the wrath of Saint Vitus.

    Historian John Waller has also written books on this extraordinary story, where he seems to have solved the mystery behind it.

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