5 Awesome YouTube Tricks

Being the biggest video sharing website in the world YouTube is very interesting and entertaining. However this Google owned video sharing giant has some super cool features that are unknown to most people.
I have previously written a short post “Weird Stuff to do with Google and YouTube” describing some of the features or tricks.
This is some more of this really cool stuff that’s worth checking out. So here it goes:

  • Use the force Luke – Type Use the force Luke  in YouTube search and you will be able to move the whole screen all around in a really weird way.

  • Now open YouTube in a new tab(unless you want to combine all the effects). Type “ Beam me up scotty” and hit enter. You will see some supercool effects.

  • / Geek week –  Type / Geek week  in the YouTube search and hit enter. It brings up a whole new geek version of YouTube.

  • Do the Harlem Shake – I have described this trick in my previous post also but this one is too cool to exclude from this one. Just Type “Do the harlem shake” in YouTube search and wait for a moment or two to see the dancing YouTube.

  • Doge Meme – Type Doge Meme  in the search and you’ll see YouTube in supercool new fonts.

If you find these tricks entertaining, please feel free to share the post Smile

Where Do The Files We Delete Go?

Really, where do the deleted files go? This is a simple question, the general  answer for which is almost  a lie.  The general belief is that the files we delete from our computers disappear in thin air like they it never existed.
Do the deleted files fly out of the computer or phone memory? Or does it gets erased like a pencil writing on a paper?

In reality, it does not work this way.  What if I, tell you “delete” does not actually deletes the data from your computer. Yeah, I know that the deleted data goes first in the “Recycle Bin” but even if you “delete” data from the recycle bin, the data is still on your Hard drive.
Now at this particular moment, many of the techie readers might be having thoughts like, “yeah yeah genius, I know the data is still on the hard drive, that’s what the Data Recovery Softwares are for.”  If you’re having this thought, you’re a 100% right. However some people do have another question coming to mind at this moment.
delete stuff

If the data is still there on the computer hard drive, why the hell does it show empty space?

Answer: When you delete something from the hard drive, the computer does not deletes or erases the data. It just deletes the pointers that point to that particular data or file. Now as the data is removed from the index, the computer believes the space is free. 
For understanding easily you might think of this as the table of content of a book. If someone erases the name of one of the chapters of a book, the person reading (in our case the computer) the book will not know if any such chapter exists.
However if the reader digs in enough and spends enough time, he or she would ultimately find the chapter whose “pointer” or the name from contents was deleted. This is basically how the Data Recovery programs work.

  Okay, so if the computer only deletes the so called pointers to the data and not the “actual data” it means that data is taking up space on my hard drive, right?  What happens when I bring in new data and want to use up that space? Does the old data now finally goes away or is my hard drive bigger than I was told?

Answer: When you copy new files or data on the same sectors of the hard drive, the new data overwrites the older data. The older data is still there coexisting with the newer data.

Question: Doesn’t this corrupts data, making it complex to read as different information is stored on the same sectors?
Answer: Remember we talked about pointers? The computer has deleted the pointers to old data and now it only has the pointers to new data. So basically even if it’s a mess on the sectors with old and new data, the computers only pull out the newer information or data and simply ignores the older one(with no pointers).

Question: Alright, now this is tricky. If the data does not get deleted for real and the Data Recovery Softwares can bring it back, how am I supposed to erase something permanently from my Hard drive so no one can find a trace of it. P.S  Destroying the Hard Drive is not an option.

Answer: The only way to delete data from your hard drive permanently is to overwrite  the data again and again till it becomes absolutely untraceable. This can be done easily with the help of Data deletion softwares. Some people believe 3-5 times of overwriting is enough while some believe 30-40 times.
Whatever might be the case, “deleting” never actually erases a file, overwriting does. Hope you enjoyed the article. Please do comment if you have any questions or suggestions Smile 

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5 Things About Cleaning Your PC, That You Probably Don’t Know

clean my pc,vacuum pc, clean computer

·    Using a Vacuum Cleaner to clean the Pc can actually damage your Computer more than you would imagine. Vacuum Cleaners creates static current that would most probably damage your hard disk and other electronic components too. Using a soft brush is a much better idea.

·        Don’t disconnect the plugs from the motherboard to clean them as the pins connected tightly to the motherboard are most probably clean by themselves. You’ll only end up adding moisture or dirt particles to them.

·        Never use a spray of any kind to clean your PC. Instead, you can spray the cleaner or water onto a cloth and then clean the computer by rubbing that cloth. Use a cotton cloth preferably, if available.

·        Always make sure that the computer is turned off, when you are about to open the case for cleaning it. Touching the internal parts while they are working is extremely dangerous. You might get an electric shock or your PC might get damaged.

·        Prefer Alcohol over other liquids to clean the screen or other important parts. Rubbing Alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol acts as a disinfectant, which means it kills most of the germs living in your keyboard and other parts of the computer.

How to Survive a Day Without Internet!

Imagine, you are all alone at home chatting with your Facebook Buddy while a video is buffering in YouTube and tens of tabs opened, and suddenly your internet stops working(I know it’s scary). Google, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, Yahoo, YouTube and the list continues. We are addicted to these sites. But since your internet has stopped working( I feel horrified every time I write it),  you can’t access any of them. What will you do now? Obviously you’ll call up the service provider and complaint about the connection. But what if they say, it can’t be done before tomorrow ? (maybe they are facing a “technician turned into Vampire issue”)

For that situation, the following lifesaver tips will help you “Survive a Day Without Internet”.
  • Search your Hard drive for any movies or TV shows you have recently downloaded from the internet. If you do not find any of it, make a note to remember downloading plenty of movies and TV shows just in case of the next crisis.
  • Play a game on your PC/Laptop. The Grand theft Auto series has been my  personal favorite since it is a “never get bored playing it” type of a game. Halo, Saints Row, Civilization, MOH, Call of Duty etc. are also good for killing time. Even Angry Birds PC version will be a lot of fun. Don’t have any of it? Really? Okay, make another note (in uppercase letters).
  • Try to catch a neighbors Wi-Fi signal and wish it’s not password protected(which is next to impossible I guess). No luck? Okay, it was worth a try. Move to the next tip now.
  • Watch TV. Depending on your taste you can watch a Movie channel, News or Cartoons(C’mon, Tom and Jerry is still my favorite). If you’re lucky,you can even catch Bear Grills eating another worm, centipede(or doing other weird stuff) etc. on Discovery.
  • Call up your friends, ask them if they are ready for a stroll to the mall or any other fun place. (Note: Before calling them, pray to god that their internet also stops working or the chances are your friends will come up with weird excuses like I am ill, working with dad, grandmother died or the most unbelievable one “I am studying, please don’t disturb!”)
  • Lie back on the bed and stare at the wall. Concentrate on the lines and formations on the wall. Not interesting enough? Try staring at everything around you. The light bulb, cupboard, chair, those untouched books, the pile of clothes that should be inside the cupboard and anything else you see. Just stare without thinking anything like you are a zombie or something. Now that’s what I call real meditation!
  • Tired of thinking about nothing?(I know, I know it’s tiresome) Now sit straight, make a serious face, fold your hands and think about random stuff like ““what should be my next Facebook Status?” “ Would the number of comments of my pic cross 50?”, “Should I bath more often”? etc..

  • Just sleep and don’t wake up till tomorrow so when you wake up and find internet working just like before, it will all seem like a bad dream.
how to survive a day without internet, no internet, what to do without internet

Tip: Either memorize it or save this page on your PC, as if your internet goes down, I don’t think you’ll be able to find it.(Most of you would have thought of this by now)
Now after reading this short guide, I am sure you have developed as a survival expert. We’ll appreciate, if you have any additional tips for our readers. Take Care.

Miles per Gallon / MPG : 22 Tips to increase it

Here is a Compilation of 22 tips which can help you take your car to the level of best gas mileage cars available in the market.

  1. Driving at a consistent speed is important to increase the mileage. You can also use Cruise control(if equipped) to stay at a constant speed.
  2. Try not to use your four-wheel drive function when not needed. This feature increases fuel consumption.
  3. Avoid Braking. This might sound crazy(and unsafe) but this does not mean you don’t have to break at all. You should always keep your foot ready to break as you might need it anytime(the road is a dangerous  place you know). When you stop and start again, it uses more fuel. Try to increase the amount of distance between you and other vehicles. If you drive smartly, accelerating controllably, the acceleration won’t even affect the mpg. Note: Do not break any traffic rules to avoid breaking as spending a few  additional bucks on fuel is still better than getting a ticket(or even worse, jail).
  4. Never push the accelerator more than an inch or 2.5cm. The more you push down the gas pedal, more fuel  it pushes into the engine, which makes the engine run faster. The best way would be to push the pedal down slowly and when you know you have to stop at a point,  don’t just accelerate till the end point and slam the breaks(slamming the breaks also decreases the life of break pedal). Instead take off your foot off the accelerator a few feet before the end point so you smoothly sail to the end point and stop the car by applying the brakes gently.
  5. Do not idle the vehicle. There is general belief that in cold weather the car should be kept idle to warm up. This is not completely untrue, the car does need a little warming up in cold weather but the correct way to warp up the car is to drive gently for 5-10 minutes. Also if you are going to stop for more than one minute, turning off the engine can improve fuel efficiency by almost 19%.  So next time, turnoff the car at stop lights.
  6. Drive slower up hills, and faster downhill. When you drive faster uphill you press the accelerator more which increases the fuel consumption(thus more MPG). The trick is to keep the accelerator constant and avoid pushing it down more than an inch(tip 4). And when you are going downhill, try to avoid acceleration by going on lighter gears. Please keep in mind that if the hill is steeper the you should keep your speed in control by staying on heavier gears.(The gears depend on the speed you want to be on)
  7. Hear what your Engine says!!  You might have noticed the variations in sounds that your engine makes when  you accelerate more vs. less,  and when you drive in heavier gears vs. lighter gears. Sound is a very good indicator of the load your engine is taking. The more intense and harsh the sound is, the more load your engine is taking(ultimately leading to higher fuel combustion and less engine life). Going slower uphill(tip 6) also helps in keeping the engine load in control.
  8. Do Not use Deflated Tires. Check the Tire pressure regularly. If the tires are incorrectly inflated, then there will be excess drag, or not enough surface contact with the road. This affects the car efficiency more than you would have imagined. Under-inflated tires can decrease the fuel efficiency of your engine up-to 2.8%.
  9. Remove the Junk off the Trunk! Removing the unused items from your vehicle increases its efficiency.
  10. Do not use Cruise Control when driving on hilly roads. The cruise control will try and keep you at a constant speed which means it will not be able to anticipate a coming hill and accelerate to meet it. It will make the car idle downhill and then flaw it for the uphill sections. It is far more efficient to turn it off when driving on these type of roads and maintain the flexibility of normal driving.
  11. Don’t stick to the bumper of the car in front of you. Maintaining a safe distance from the car in front of you gives you a better chance to avoid unnecessary acceleration and braking.
  12. Always take off slowly! Maintain a habit of taking off slowly(unless you are in an F1 race) always and you will see a definite increase in MPG(miles per gallon) comparison.
  13. Stay between 45 to 55 miles per hour.Staying between these speeds is considered to be most fuel efficient as at this speed the car is at its best “speed per RPM” ratio.
  14. Try to use A/C as fewer as you can. It has been found in studies that the A/C at lower speeds can use up to about 8% of the fuel of the car. A possible solution would be to open the windows at lower speeds and turn off the A/C(unless it’s a hot day). However at faster speeds opening the windows increases the drag so you can either turn on the A/C or keep the windows open only a few inches.
  15. Downshift or just Go Neutral!  Gas can be saved by shifting into neutral when going down steep hills however “this tip is just for educational purpose(in case you are short of fuel) and I do not recommend it personally as Engine braking is much much safer on steep hills.” Also you should not do this in a Hybrid car, as they need the Engine Breaking to generate electricity and charge the batteries. One more thing that you should know is that going in neutral for long distances can cause damage to the break pedals.
  16. Find a Tree, when Parking Outside. Parking in the shade keeps the car cooler inside, and you will need less A/C to cool off when you get back in.  Also the gasoline can evaporate under sunlight so make sure that your gas tank is facing away from the direct sunlight. Check your gas cap properly, if your fuel cap is sealed tight then you can worry a little less, as it will keep the the fumes in and outside air out.
  17. Don’t use Thick tires!  Showing off the modern thick tires feel great but keep it mind that more the width is, more the resistance is and so the fuel consumption is also higher.
  18. Check the Car Health regularly. Make sure the engine oil, breaking oil, the clutch etc. are in good condition.
  19. Avoid Over Speeding.  The ideal speed that you should drive is between 40 and 60 miles per hour (64.4 and 96.6 kilometers per hour). Going faster than that might take you to your destination a little earlier but it’s not worth it when it reduces your cars efficiency.
  20. Keep the Air Filter clean. Cleaning the air filters  regularly is important to avoid any blocks in the path of air to the engine. A clean air filter can improve mpg(miles per gallon) by as much as 10%.
  21. Keep the Tires Aligned properly. Poor alignment not only causes tires to wear out more quickly, but also forces your engine to work harder.
  22. Don’t Drive! This is the golden tip. Instead of hoping in the car every now and then, try cycling or walking for short distances. You will save fuel, save money, stay healthy

save fuel, mpg comparison, miles per gallon, best gas mileage cars
This has been a very tiring article for me and I hope that you will like it. Please leave comments and share.

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