What is Smart Home?

What is Smart Home?

We all have seen Smart homes in sci-fi movies and TV shows. Automations and voice controlled devices are nothing short of a dream or fantasy for all of us. Simply talk to your home to turn on lights, fans, TV etc. It looks cool and smart; makes us wish we had it. Well now your wish can come true. Now you can add smart home vibes to your place with smart devices and products which are unique & sophisticated in design. These products will convert your simple home into a smart home experience; while adding elegance and a touch of style to your home. There are a variety of products which you can use to make your home stand out. In this article we will tell you about some such products and some tips, so that you can make your home, a bit smarter and improve overall aesthetics of your place.

What makes a smart home different from normal home? 

Smart home combines your living space with advanced technology and modern designs. It gives futuristic vibes; using features like voice control, automation, scheduling the operations of different devices like lights, TVs, AC, etc. But it’s not only technology that makes your home a smart home. We need to use modern and innovative products which serve simple purpose, but its design and presentation makes it standout. Only adding smart electronics will make your home feel like a machine, rather than a complete home. We need to improve overall feel of our home without relying solely on electronics. Neither have we wanted to disrupt our home with construction (or reconstruction).

So how can you make your home smarter, while improving style quotient simultaneously, without cramming up your home with electronic devices. Read on to find such tips and suggestions.

smart home essentials tips suggestions

First let us start with smart electronic devices as the first step in automating the basic functionality of a home. You will find a variety of products in the smart home category. Here we list some such products, describing their usage and functionality and thereby helping you make a sound decision while buying such products.

Smart Lights for You

Smart lights are basis of a smart home project. The smart lighting allows you to control the lights in your home form your smart phones (both android and Apple devices) or with your voice (only for devices compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant). Switch them ON-OFF, schedule timings, change patterns & themes, choose from the million of colors and create different themes like party, reading, night, meeting, leisure, soft and many more. 


Home needs Smart Plugs 

Convert your simple electronic devices into smart devices with the Smart Plugs. Simply plug your devices into them and enjoy the convenience of smart control. They allow you to control any device from your comfort; switch them ON-OFF or schedule the timings for automatic control. Some plugs will also provide energy monitoring, thus helping you energy savings.  You can control them from your phone or voice (for plugs compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant). 

Smart Assistants – An Essential for a Smart Home 

These smart electronic devices are compatible and controlled by smart phones with apps for both android and Apple phones. But the companies are constantly and tirelessly improving the devices, so as to make it more users friendly and versatile. So most new devices whether be the lights, plug, extensions etc. all are made to be compatible with Alexa, most popular home assistant from Amazon, and the Google assistant. Use the voice recognition and control feature of these assistants to control the smart devices without going through phones, just with natural language commands. Turn them ON-OFF or set schedule timings with simply with your voice.

Smart Security Cams

No one can deny the importance of security cams, for they create a safe environment for your home and loved ones. Security cams will tell you who comes to your house, if anyone is keeping eye on your home, warn you about lurkers and intruders or other security threats. Now the smart cams are here to do all the above things while having additional features. Features included with smart cams are:

  • High definition video capture
  • 360 o degree surveillance
  • High quality night vision
  • Motion sensor activation
  • Convenient and easy storage options
  • Live video streaming to your smart phone
  • Two way communication using inbuilt microphone and speaker
  • Compatibility with Alexa, from Amazon and Google Assistant for voice control
Features may vary depending on model and manufacturers, but most new cams will have the above features with minimal variations.
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Smart Home Furniture and Fixtures

Now let us move on from smart electronics to smart furniture and furnishings for your home. The smart furniture doesn’t mean your furniture will be electronically controlled things. We are referring to products as simple as work tables or wall décor, but their design is what makes them feel smart. Products with innovative designs will improve the aesthetics and bring elegance and a touch of modern style to your home. There are a lot of products you will find on internet. 

Here are some of our recommended products;

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