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9 Reasons to Love Your Smartphone

Smartphones have changed our lives in many ways. For some people it is just a medium to stay connected with friends and family, while for some their smartphone has their whole world in it. So here are some reasons why people love their smartphones:

9 reasons to love your smartphone

  1. Stay Connected: They help us stay connected with our family, friends and even total strangers 😛 . With apps like Whatsapp, Hike, Skype, Viber, BBM, Wechat, and lots more it has become much easier to chat, make calls or  talk over a video call with your contacts. We can even chat with our Facebook or Google Plus friends with the Facebook and Google Plus apps. Almost every social Networking Platform can be accessed right from your Smartphone, any time of the day.
  2. Manage Photos: Managing photos became easier than ever with Smartphones. With the camera quality of latest Smartphones you don’t need a camera unless you’re into professional photography. You can store your photos in the phone, copy them on your PC  or Laptop or simply upload them to your favorite Social Networking Site. The popularity of sites like Instagram shows the craze for photo sharing amongst smartphone users.
  3. Travelling made easier : You can use your smartphone as a map, a GPS device or a compass which makes travelling a whole lot easier. You can even book flights, bus and train tickets from your smartphone. No need to get in long queues.
  4. No need for a Watch or an Alarm clock: With a Smartphone you don’t need to carry a watch anymore unless for style of course.  You can even use it as a stopwatch while working out. And your smartphone is the best alarm clock as we can choose whichever alarm tone we wish and we always keep them beside or under our pillow.
  5. Play Games anywhere you go: For the hardcore gaming fans, Xbox, playstation and PC’s would be still the first choice but we have to admit that the games available on smartphone are almost as addictive as PC  or Xbox games.
  6. Listen to your favorite music: Smartphones do not only allow us to store and listen to our favorite music. They also allow us to find and download any song, or music video we want without even connecting to a PC. Just search the song on any of the music apps, download and enjoy.
  7. Stay Informed:  With the various news and magazine apps, we don’t even need to read the traditional newspapers anymore. Just download the news app best suited for you and enjoy all the news on your smartphone. Not only news, weather forecasts are also available daily as per your GPS location which is really kinda cool.
  8. Never miss anything important with the help of your smartphone. With the various apps like notebook, remembering things is a whole lot easier. We can store birthdays of loved ones, important meetings and anything else important.
  9. Never Get Bored:  Got nothing to do? Just surf the internet, watch videos on YouTube or just go through the thousands of free apps available. You might find a cool new game, a goofy app or maybe something different that you didn’t thought even exist.

Have Fun and love your Smartphones Thumbs up

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Inventions That killed their Inventors.

 This is a compilation of some rare incidences where the inventor died because of his/her own invention.

    mizar flying car

  • Mizar The Flying Car : Henry Smolinksi died 1973 invented mizar the flying car. He died in a crash when the right wing of the wing detached during a flight. 


  • eddystone_lighthouseEdystone Lighthouse: Henry winstanly died in 1703 invented eddystone lighthouse. There was a great storm in 1703 during which he refused to leave the lighthouse. The light house collapsed and he died inside it.


  • glider lilienEEThe Glider : Otto Lilienthal died in 1896 invented Glider.  He was in a flight when his glider was stuck by wind. He fell around 50 ft down which broke his spine and he died.


  • rotary printing pressRotary printing press: William Bullock died in 1867. He invented rotary printing press. While testing the machine he accidentally crushed his foot in the machine. Later his foot developed gangrene and he eventually died because of it.


  • blood transfusion alexander-bogdanovBlood Transfusion: Alexander Bogdanov died in 1928. He invented blood transfusion. He died after he gave himself a blood transfusion  because the the blood was either contaminated or incompatible.


  • submarine hunleyThe Submarine : Horace Hunley died in 1863. He invented the Submarine. The submarine sank duing a routine training exercise and Hunley died inside it.

The End of Windows XP

Windows Xp has been one of  the most successful as well as the most popular operating system ever made by Microsoft. Its popularity among its users can be judged by the fact that Windows  XP still has a 29 percent market share worldwide and the users are still hanging on to XP even after the release of windows 7 and windows 8. 

However Microsoft have recently announced
that April 2014 would be the end of Windows XP, which basically means that microsoft will stop providing support for Windows XP after 8th April 2014. Windows XP users who have elected to receive windows updates will receive an official notification on their screen informing that support for windows XP would end on April 8. 

This does not mean that users will not be able to use Windows XP anymore. Its just that microsoft will not provide additional security updates. So the computer would be more vulnerable to security threats.”

Additionally the popup notification would show up on 8th of each month unless the user clicks on ” Don’t show this message again“. 

For users who want to migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8 Microsoft have partnered with Laplink to provide a free tool to help people migrate from XP to Windows 7 and above versions of Windows. This tool is  called PCmover Express and it will copy all the files and settings from the XP running computer to a new device running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. 

Download the tool: 
This tool will be available on soon and will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish initially. Other languages would also be added soon.

The Legend of the Dibbuk Box

There are thousands of haunted places all over the world, where people claim to see or feel the existence of ghosts, demons or something supernatural.  However these experiences are not just limited to places only, people have had really creepy experiences with certain “Haunted” objects most of which always have a scary story attached with them.

The Dibbuk Box is one of the most famous things amongst the haunted boxes as a movie “The possession” also has been made inspired by its story.The dibbuk box

This is a Jewish wine box  that has gotten it’s name because supposedly a Dybuk( A type of ghost in Jewish folklore) lives inside it.  There is a very interesting story attached with this box. According to the story  the first known owner of this box was an old lady who also happened to be a concentration camp survivor. She was born in Poland and was sent to the Nazi concentration camps during World War II, she managed to flee from the camps and managed to live in Spain until the end of World War II. It was in Spain where she got this box. She brought this box to the US and lived in Portland Oregon until her death at the age of 103 years. She never let anyone open that box during her lifetime as she believed it has some evil inside it. She even had wished to bury the box with her after her death.

However this was against the Jewish customs so her wish was not fulfilled and the Dibbuk box along with some other stuff was put on a sale.  It was bought by an Antiques buyer Kevin mannis. When the buyer talked to the Grand-daughter of the lady who used to owned that box, he told her that she could keep the box if it has any sentimental value to her and he will not ask his money back. The reaction he got from her was quite the opposite of what he expected. She became kind of upset and told him that a deal has been made and he has to keep it.

The Antique dealer  took the box and put it in the basement of his furniture refinishing store.  Later he received a call from his salesperson who was very frightened and told him someone is breaking glass and swearing in the shop and she cannot get out as all the iron gates are locked. He reached the store as fast as he could and opened the locked doors, he found the salesperson sobbing at a corner and went in the basement to investigate. The lights were not working as the light bulbs were all broken and shattered on the floor. The smell of cat urine was prevailing there however no animals have ever entered in the basement. He found no one in there, even when there was only one way out. By the time he went back to the salesperson to ask anything she was gone and never came back to work. He still had no idea if the incident could be connected to the Dibbuk box.

Later he cleaned the Dibbuk box and found some weird items inside it( a lock of blonde hair a lock of brown/black hair and 2 wheat pennies). He took out the items and after cleaning gifted the box to his mother in a café while having lunch. She liked it first and while she was taking a look at it he went out to take a call. When he returned he found that she had suffered a stroke and tears were falling uncontrollably out of her eyes. Later he tried to ask her(while she was in the hospital bed only able to communicate by pointing to alphabets to form a word) what happened that day, she spelled the words H-A-T-E-G-I-F-T.

Still having no idea what she exactly meant the Antique dealer gave the box as a gift to his sister, his brother, his girlfriend and even sold it to a couple. Everyone returned it back to him with complaints like bad cat urine odor, doors opening by themselves. The couple returned the box with a note saying “this has a bad darkness”.

He started having a weird horrible nightmare which eventually turned out to be common amongst all the people he gave the box to. Weird things started to happen  to him like shadows moving in his house. He was afraid to destroy the box as he thought it would break free the evil inside it. So he put it on auction on Ebay.

Jason Haxton, Director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine in Kirksville, Missouri bought the box. He began having weird and horrible experiences like coughing out blood, strange noises. His son even saw a  black flame like mass with them inside the room while they were watching TV. After consulting with some Rabbis Haxton successfully sealed the Dybbuk inside the box and hid in a secret location he does not reveal to anyone.

5 Awesome YouTube Tricks

Being the biggest video sharing website in the world YouTube is very interesting and entertaining. However this Google owned video sharing giant has some super cool features that are unknown to most people.
I have previously written a short post “Weird Stuff to do with Google and YouTube” describing some of the features or tricks.
This is some more of this really cool stuff that’s worth checking out. So here it goes:

  • Use the force Luke – Type Use the force Luke  in YouTube search and you will be able to move the whole screen all around in a really weird way.

  • Now open YouTube in a new tab(unless you want to combine all the effects). Type “ Beam me up scotty” and hit enter. You will see some supercool effects.

  • / Geek week –  Type / Geek week  in the YouTube search and hit enter. It brings up a whole new geek version of YouTube.

  • Do the Harlem Shake – I have described this trick in my previous post also but this one is too cool to exclude from this one. Just Type “Do the harlem shake” in YouTube search and wait for a moment or two to see the dancing YouTube.

  • Doge Meme – Type Doge Meme  in the search and you’ll see YouTube in supercool new fonts.

If you find these tricks entertaining, please feel free to share the post Smile

Where Do The Files We Delete Go?

Really, where do the deleted files go? This is a simple question, the general  answer for which is almost  a lie.  The general belief is that the files we delete from our computers disappear in thin air like they it never existed.
Do the deleted files fly out of the computer or phone memory? Or does it gets erased like a pencil writing on a paper?

In reality, it does not work this way.  What if I, tell you “delete” does not actually deletes the data from your computer. Yeah, I know that the deleted data goes first in the “Recycle Bin” but even if you “delete” data from the recycle bin, the data is still on your Hard drive.
Now at this particular moment, many of the techie readers might be having thoughts like, “yeah yeah genius, I know the data is still on the hard drive, that’s what the Data Recovery Softwares are for.”  If you’re having this thought, you’re a 100% right. However some people do have another question coming to mind at this moment.
delete stuff

If the data is still there on the computer hard drive, why the hell does it show empty space?

Answer: When you delete something from the hard drive, the computer does not deletes or erases the data. It just deletes the pointers that point to that particular data or file. Now as the data is removed from the index, the computer believes the space is free. 
For understanding easily you might think of this as the table of content of a book. If someone erases the name of one of the chapters of a book, the person reading (in our case the computer) the book will not know if any such chapter exists.
However if the reader digs in enough and spends enough time, he or she would ultimately find the chapter whose “pointer” or the name from contents was deleted. This is basically how the Data Recovery programs work.

  Okay, so if the computer only deletes the so called pointers to the data and not the “actual data” it means that data is taking up space on my hard drive, right?  What happens when I bring in new data and want to use up that space? Does the old data now finally goes away or is my hard drive bigger than I was told?

Answer: When you copy new files or data on the same sectors of the hard drive, the new data overwrites the older data. The older data is still there coexisting with the newer data.

Question: Doesn’t this corrupts data, making it complex to read as different information is stored on the same sectors?
Answer: Remember we talked about pointers? The computer has deleted the pointers to old data and now it only has the pointers to new data. So basically even if it’s a mess on the sectors with old and new data, the computers only pull out the newer information or data and simply ignores the older one(with no pointers).

Question: Alright, now this is tricky. If the data does not get deleted for real and the Data Recovery Softwares can bring it back, how am I supposed to erase something permanently from my Hard drive so no one can find a trace of it. P.S  Destroying the Hard Drive is not an option.

Answer: The only way to delete data from your hard drive permanently is to overwrite  the data again and again till it becomes absolutely untraceable. This can be done easily with the help of Data deletion softwares. Some people believe 3-5 times of overwriting is enough while some believe 30-40 times.
Whatever might be the case, “deleting” never actually erases a file, overwriting does. Hope you enjoyed the article. Please do comment if you have any questions or suggestions Smile 

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5 Things About Cleaning Your PC, That You Probably Don’t Know

clean my pc,vacuum pc, clean computer

·    Using a Vacuum Cleaner to clean the Pc can actually damage your Computer more than you would imagine. Vacuum Cleaners creates static current that would most probably damage your hard disk and other electronic components too. Using a soft brush is a much better idea.

·        Don’t disconnect the plugs from the motherboard to clean them as the pins connected tightly to the motherboard are most probably clean by themselves. You’ll only end up adding moisture or dirt particles to them.

·        Never use a spray of any kind to clean your PC. Instead, you can spray the cleaner or water onto a cloth and then clean the computer by rubbing that cloth. Use a cotton cloth preferably, if available.

·        Always make sure that the computer is turned off, when you are about to open the case for cleaning it. Touching the internal parts while they are working is extremely dangerous. You might get an electric shock or your PC might get damaged.

·        Prefer Alcohol over other liquids to clean the screen or other important parts. Rubbing Alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol acts as a disinfectant, which means it kills most of the germs living in your keyboard and other parts of the computer.

Is Time Travel possible?

Is Time Travel possible? The logically correct answer would be Yes! We all are travelling “forward” in time with each passing second.  However the real question would be if going to a specific time that we wish to be in, is possible or not.

Till now we have seen the time travel phenomenon is science fiction movies and TV shows like Dr.who. The characters in these science fictions use some kind of time machines, enter the time, date and place and whoooop!, they are gone. It would be so good if it could be that simple. We would have gone back to the past and stopped all the terrible things from happening. Sounds nice, right? However this is far more complex than it sounds.

Question: If time travel is possible then why has no one come to us from the future?

Answer: According to a theory, even if someone is able to make a time machine, it is not possible to travel  back to the time before the time machine has been started. The Time travel to the past with this time machine would only be limited to the time it has been started.

One of the things that makes time travel complex is a paradox known as the Grandfathers paradox. According to this paradox if a person goes to the past and meet his grandfather before his marriage and kills him or stops him from marrying by any possible way, this would mean that he would not have produced any children and thus the person killing his grandfather would not have been born. So if a person has not been born at all then how can he go to the past and kill his grandfather. This creates a complex paradox which seems kind of unsolvable.
Let’s take another example. Think of an event you want to change in your past. Your uncle gave you a nice little time machine as your birthday gift and you went 5 years back in time to stop that embarrassing event before it happens. So you stopped it, but if such an event never happens(as the future you has already stopped it) it means that you(past you) will never know about it. Thus, you will not feel the need to go to the past to change that event. And if you do not go back to change it, this will create a self contradicting loop. 


Physicists have been searching a solution for this paradox from a long time. One theory is that for each choice we have in life, multiple parallel universes are formed based on our choices. So if you go back in time and change something, the change occurs in another universe and thus your present will not be affected.
However the idea of parallel universe(or universes) is complicated itself.  To understand the idea of parallel universe better, imagine your friends set you up for a blind date. You have two choices; either you can feel shy and ditch your date or you buckle up and go on a date. According to the theory of parallel universe you might be doing both of the above choices but in different universes. These universes would be exactly the same as this one but would be formed by each choice you face in your life. Which basically leads to two contradicting statements:

  1. If each choice in a persons life forms a new universe in a new dimension, it would ultimately mean that there are infinite amount of universes or dimensions.
  2. If the change you want to make in your past would not affect your present(as it would only affect the parallel universe), it means you have gone to another universe(or dimension). So it would not be called time travel technically. It would be more like travelling between universes or dimensions. And if you cannot affect the present by altering the past, why would you even bother doing it. So it clears the whole purpose of time travelling.

Now, these were the complexities of travelling back in time. Travelling forward in time might not be that much complex.

If all the paradoxes are ignored somehow, how can we travel in time?

Theoretically, there are two ways to travel in time.

  1. Travel faster than the speed of light. It has been theoretically proved that if a person can travel faster than the speed of light then he can reach hundreds of years ahead without much increase in his age.
  2. Worm holes are the practical way to travel in time. According to scientists and researches worm holes are very minute gateways to different time zones, which if accessible can make time travelling a real possibility.

Weird Facts from Around the World

  • In Finland, Donald Duck comics were banned. Why? Because he doesn’t wear pants.

donald duck

  • There is a saying(which might be true or not) that one should never try to suppress a sneeze as it can damage a blood vessel in your neck or brain and eventually die. Moreover, you should never try to keep the eyes open forcibly while sneezing as the eyeball might pop out. Wait, there’s one more . If you sneeze too hard you might fracture a rib too.

  • Did you ever thought why the term “got fired” is used when someone loses a job? There’s an interesting theory to it that in ancient Clans when the leaders wanted to get rid of their unwanted people but did not wanted to kill them, they used to burn their houses down. So they “got fired”.

  • You might have heard of the Famous TV show “Game of Thrones”. In 2012 over 160 babies were named  ‘Khalisi’ in the US after the famous character in that show.

  • According to the Famous singer Kesha, she spends thousands of Dollars on Glitter each month. So basically the amount she spends on Glitter is almost the monthly rent most people pay for.

  • As per some studies people are more likely to help when lightly touched while talking.

  • A man named Tsutomu Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima when the first Atom-bomb hit, after that he went home to Nagasaki where the second Atom Bomb hit. He survived both of them and lived to be 93.


  •  On an average, the number of posts written each day on Twitter are enough to fill up a 10 millions page book.

  • The Great inventor Thomas Edison proposed to his wife in morse code. First he taught her the morse code and then they used to talk in morse code when other people were around. He asked “.– — ..- .-.. -.. -.– — ..- — .- .-. .-. -.– — . and she replied -.—. …

  • Sleeping is better than watching television when it comes to burning calories. You burn more calories while sleeping than watching TV.

  • There is a belief that Russia has around 15 “secret cities” whose location, names etc are all hidden. No one knows why.

  • What if I tell you that a “panther” is not an animal at all? You’ll think I have gone nuts, right? But actually, it is just a term used to describe black jaguars, cougars etc.

  • Now here’s an eye-opener. Smoking can make you impotent as it can lead to erectile dysfunction.

  • Charles Darwin discovered many species in his lifetime but very few people know that he ate every animal that he founded. He liked to se what they tasted like.