How to Survive a Day Without Internet!

Imagine, you are all alone at home chatting with your Facebook Buddy while a video is buffering in YouTube and tens of tabs opened, and suddenly your internet stops working(I know it’s scary). Google, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, Yahoo, YouTube and the list continues. We are addicted to these sites. But since your internet has stopped working( I feel horrified every time I write it),  you can’t access any of them. What will you do now? Obviously you’ll call up the service provider and complaint about the connection. But what if they say, it can’t be done before tomorrow ? (maybe they are facing a “technician turned into Vampire issue”)

For that situation, the following lifesaver tips will help you “Survive a Day Without Internet”.
  • Search your Hard drive for any movies or TV shows you have recently downloaded from the internet. If you do not find any of it, make a note to remember downloading plenty of movies and TV shows just in case of the next crisis.
  • Play a game on your PC/Laptop. The Grand theft Auto series has been my  personal favorite since it is a “never get bored playing it” type of a game. Halo, Saints Row, Civilization, MOH, Call of Duty etc. are also good for killing time. Even Angry Birds PC version will be a lot of fun. Don’t have any of it? Really? Okay, make another note (in uppercase letters).
  • Try to catch a neighbors Wi-Fi signal and wish it’s not password protected(which is next to impossible I guess). No luck? Okay, it was worth a try. Move to the next tip now.
  • Watch TV. Depending on your taste you can watch a Movie channel, News or Cartoons(C’mon, Tom and Jerry is still my favorite). If you’re lucky,you can even catch Bear Grills eating another worm, centipede(or doing other weird stuff) etc. on Discovery.
  • Call up your friends, ask them if they are ready for a stroll to the mall or any other fun place. (Note: Before calling them, pray to god that their internet also stops working or the chances are your friends will come up with weird excuses like I am ill, working with dad, grandmother died or the most unbelievable one “I am studying, please don’t disturb!”)
  • Lie back on the bed and stare at the wall. Concentrate on the lines and formations on the wall. Not interesting enough? Try staring at everything around you. The light bulb, cupboard, chair, those untouched books, the pile of clothes that should be inside the cupboard and anything else you see. Just stare without thinking anything like you are a zombie or something. Now that’s what I call real meditation!
  • Tired of thinking about nothing?(I know, I know it’s tiresome) Now sit straight, make a serious face, fold your hands and think about random stuff like ““what should be my next Facebook Status?” “ Would the number of comments of my pic cross 50?”, “Should I bath more often”? etc..

  • Just sleep and don’t wake up till tomorrow so when you wake up and find internet working just like before, it will all seem like a bad dream.
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Tip: Either memorize it or save this page on your PC, as if your internet goes down, I don’t think you’ll be able to find it.(Most of you would have thought of this by now)
Now after reading this short guide, I am sure you have developed as a survival expert. We’ll appreciate, if you have any additional tips for our readers. Take Care.

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