5 Things About Cleaning Your PC, That You Probably Don’t Know

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·    Using a Vacuum Cleaner to clean the Pc can actually damage your Computer more than you would imagine. Vacuum Cleaners creates static current that would most probably damage your hard disk and other electronic components too. Using a soft brush is a much better idea.

·        Don’t disconnect the plugs from the motherboard to clean them as the pins connected tightly to the motherboard are most probably clean by themselves. You’ll only end up adding moisture or dirt particles to them.

·        Never use a spray of any kind to clean your PC. Instead, you can spray the cleaner or water onto a cloth and then clean the computer by rubbing that cloth. Use a cotton cloth preferably, if available.

·        Always make sure that the computer is turned off, when you are about to open the case for cleaning it. Touching the internal parts while they are working is extremely dangerous. You might get an electric shock or your PC might get damaged.

·        Prefer Alcohol over other liquids to clean the screen or other important parts. Rubbing Alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol acts as a disinfectant, which means it kills most of the germs living in your keyboard and other parts of the computer.

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