About us

Webologypedia is aimed at providing interesting content and unique shopping items to our clients. We know for a fact that in order to become a customer favorite website we need to offer value to our visitors. Therefore, we hunt for unique products over the internet and bring them to you. We will always try to add interesting products to our website and recommend only the good ones.

In this process, we might earn a small commission whenever you buy a product. However, this does not affect the price you’ll pay for the product in any way.

As of now, we do not sell any of the products directly. We only showcase the merchandise from genuine shopping sites like Amazon, on our website, so our visitors can read about them and make an informed decision.


How does Webologypedia earn?

We earn by multiple methods including ads and affiliate products.

Do I have to pay more if I purchase a product through your website?

NO, purchasing a product recommended by us will cost the same as directly from the website we are recommending. Preferably, we always try to bring the best deals for our visitors.